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The numbers are completely arbitrary, and are whatever the product manager or artist at the manufacturer decided they should be. They might be standardized within a company's product line. If these are private-label units, all bets are off. Numbers instead of real degrees means they used a thermostat too cheap to be consistent from unit to unit, so they ...


It may be meant to work that way: not every food requires the same temperature. Meat requires a cold environment, cheese and vegetables prefer higher temperatures. Since you have the freezer on the bottom and it works well, I would say everything is within expected range. Maybe try to increase the setting and check what you get. I guess the upper shelf ...


Yes, there could be a little harm. For starters, your water supply to the refrigerator could freeze. A fix for this would be to insulate the water lines and getting a line heating strip: This would be run right along side your water line, or wrapped around the water line, and would prevent the water from freezing inside the line. This is very common with ...


Assuming a common mixer valve, if the faucet washers are not neoprene, warming may cause the one in the cold valve to expand, choking off the cold water.

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