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I am unfamiliar with these particular types of connectors but they're some sort of 8P8C connectors. What country are you in? A1) Not knowing these types of connectors... best way is to just test it out to see which one is left and which one is right. Connect one pair of wires to the top and see which port has signal. A2) Connect the white/blue to the ...


Those are RJ45s not RJ11s. RJ11's only have 4 pins. An RJ11 fits into the center 4 pins of this jack though. Q1 Whether one is left or right I can't tell but the top is definitely for one jack and the bottom is for the other jack. Q2 leave your white on 5 and blue on 4 like all the diagrams below. You can use 568A and the orange pair for the second line ...

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