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You can use "burn-in" or "fill" sticks to repair high pressure laminate as shown in this video. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Li_i1Vdr7xU


Since the joint has completely failed, the joint needs to be completely and carefully disassembled. This should be possible since the surfaces on each part is not aligned anymore, although it looks like a portion still may be glued tight. From what it looks like, it still should come apart. Just as mentioned in another answer, all remnants of glue needs to ...


There's probably dowels or a mortise/tennon joint which might make it difficult to take apart to clean and glue and it's a difficult shape to clamp. If this part of the leg won't be easily see as an alternative I would consider using a couple pocket hole screws in addition to glue to keep the pieces together. Then fill in the pocket holes with oak plugs, ...


I think your plan is doable with a little tweaking. Here's a list of some things to watch out for. Before assembly you'll need to thoroughly clean the old glue off the surfaces of the joint paying particular attention to the face grain areas (end grain offers little strength to a joint). You don't need to get down to bare wood but all of the crusty bits ...

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