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Maybe this kind of fitting: Each block is permanently screwed to either the top or the base. You connect the parts using a supplied machine screw (not a wood screw).


It would be helpful if you could add a picture of your desk to your question. The commenters are correct. A work table with 2x4 legs is probably not fancy, and doesn't need a fancy job to raise it. If it were my project, I would either replace the legs with longer ones, or add a 5-1/2" stub under the leg while scabbing a full length 2x4 leg to the inside of ...


As long as it is not a V8 engine block it should do fine. If you hammer anything on the surface, stay near the legs, toward the center you will feel the slight springiness. It will not let anything you are driving with the hammer, like wood chisels for example, will not perform like they should. That particular task may even be a bit unsafe over the span. ...


I use a vacuum pot to pull the bubbles out prior to using 2 part, you may need to sand most of the material off and add another coat. Most bubbles especially on a warm day do not disipate and many that have Not worked with 2 part over brush, when I first used 2 part I had the same problem. I sanded it back down then used a cheap vacuum sealer to pull the ...

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