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That IS a 4-way switch which means you do have two other 3-ways. The wiring you have can't mean anything else. A standard 3-way dimmer cannot be placed in this location.


Proper connection of a two-way circuit is (sorry about the ASCII sketch) sw1 sw2 load _________________ hot ____/ ______()_____ neutral _________________ / ... two single-pole, double-throw switches back to back. When both are switched one way (up in this case), one of the wires between ...


This is perfectly normal. One of the two travelers can be hot at all times if the switches are wired correctly. Which traveler is hot depends on the orientation of the switches. That said, you shouldn't touch any wire in a circuit box when the branch is live. If you happened to have provided a better ground path, someone else very well could have been ...


You need a ground. Neutrals aren't always in a switch box (depends on how the wires are ran). You might be able to run a 14/2 from the switch box to the nearest receptacle box and splice the ground connection in the receptacle to your switch. Cap off the white an black in that 14/2. As long as the ground going to the receptacle is on the same system that is ...


This might be a little more of a project than you were really thinking of, but if what you really want is to be notified via 'the internet' when there is water in a location, look into some of the home automation technologies like Z-wave: http://www.smarthome.com/2852-222/INSTEON-Leak-Sensor/p.aspx http://www.everspring.com/ST812.aspx They separate the ...


Detecting water is actually a harder problem that you might think, depending what you want. A float switch will only indicate that there are big problems already well-advanced, since it needs an appreciable amount of water to go off. On the other hand, switches that try to detect the conductivity of a film of water on the floor are often problematic due to ...


What you want is a float switch. They make small ones (had one to turn off the AC if too much water was in the tray) but never seen one for USB. But you can easily wire one to switch on a warning light or a buzzer.

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