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As suggested by Speedy Petey, I poked around further into the back of the wall box and it turns out there was in fact, some white wire. This gave me what I needed to match the diagrams on the Insteon sheet, the unit is now connected as diagrammed and functioning as intended.


On your switch that you bought the Black is the Line (Power coming in), the Red is the Load (Power to the Light), the White (which you do not have) is the Neutral and the bare copper wire is the ground. Insteon used to sale a 2-wire kit but the product is now unavailable. You are going to need to get neutral down to light switch(12/3 Romex) or look at ...


PROBLEM RESOLVED! #5 was a switch connection from the timer. #1 was porch lights. #2 was main feed. #3 was living room outlets and #4 was no longer used


Most likely, the hot wire is coming first to the other 3-way switch. From there, power comes on one of the two travelers to the 3-way you're working with. You've probably connected your new switch to one of the travelers. I'd bet if you switch the other 3-way, the light will come on and off together. Without the hot coming to this 3-way, you cannot have ...

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