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The switched circuit, and the USB outlet, hook up in parallel. REVISED DIAGRAM, after figuring out that the mention of three-way switch was a red herring: FROM POWER SOURCE: SWITCH TO CONTROLLED LOAD HOT __________________./ .__________________________________ Switched Hot | | ...


Turn off the breaker Remove the face plate. You should find two (usually) black wires on opposite ends of the switch. Remove the switch, and join the two black wires with a wire nut. Turn on the breaker, and test the outlet Put a blank face plate on the (now junction block) Install cabinets Cut a hole in the back of the cabinet to access the junction box. ...


Have you verified that the hot is actually hot? Not to insult, but verify that the hot and neutral are identified and connected correctly. Use meter to go from hot to ground and verify voltage and neutral to ground to verify no voltage.

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