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Generally speaking up to 72" opening only a single jack stud is required. If there was a point load over the door the contractor may have added the extra support. Other wise - code does not require double.


The use of two jack studs under each end of the header could have been done for any number of reasons. If the header supports a lot of weight from above it may have been deemed desirable to have the extra support on each end. If the header has an long span it is sometimes desirable to add additional support for the header. As you suggested it is possible ...


There are at least 3 standard spacings, all based on an 8 foot (96" unit) 16", 6 studs per 96" (usually in red on a tape measure) 19.2", 5 studs per 96" (and there is usually a little diamond symbol on tape measures for this spacing) 24", 4 studs per 96" (most tape measure makers think you can handle this one without additional help) Due to door ...


Yes in most cases the studs are 16" apart but remember every wall is mot the same length, so the first stud coming off the corner is different. It could be any measurement lesser then 16" but all the studs coming off corners in the room will be the same distance from the corner

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