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There is not a good easy way to structurally mount a pullup bar to a wall with gypsum board on resilient channels which does not significantly impact the existing gypsum board finish because the resilient channels allow for some movement.


The 3.5" studs are either doubled-up 2x4s, or a sideways 2x4. I would use the 2" studs to mount it on because if the 3.5" studs are sideways, they will be more likely to bow out under load, and a regular 2x4 is more than strong enough to hold body weight.


I do this for a (part of my) living. Steel studs will not provide the support you need with a cantilevered arm. If you want to surface-mount the TV then you can use toggle bolts through a steel stud, but a cantilevered arm WILL fail. The only appropriate solution is to open up the wall and either replace the steel studs in question with wooden studs, or ...


Although the modern trend is fast stuffing more & more lumber in the wall, walls framed with 2x4s on 24" centers will support nearly any sort of roof load you're likely to ever see - especially if you don't live in a far northern climate. I've seen 2nd-floor hot tubs with far less support than that. You do have to be pretty careful laying out the studs; ...


I had a similar scenario a while back, where the only place I could practically mount the TV was in between two studs. My TV mounting bracket had 12 holes (5 horizontal top and bottom and two on the vertical). I used all twelve of them with hollow-wall anchors: I halved the capacity of the anchor so I assumed 5kg per anchor, giving a support of around ...


I have used large heavy plastic anchors that come with wire shelving kits. They need to be pre-drilled with a bit slightly smaller then the actual anchor, then these anchors screw into the plaster. In my case, horse hair plaster with laths. My house is the oldest in the borough, over 100 years old. I have a lot of heavy things hanging on these shelves which ...

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