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I would take an angle grinder and cut a 1" channel in the stucco right where it meets the concrete foundation. Then you can slip some new tar paper into the gap underneath the existing (probably deteriorating) layer. Should help a bit. It's also enough of a capillary break to stop the rising damp and will allow you to inspect for termites. Long-term, the ...


There are “old work” boxes made of metal Grainger here is just 1 the home stores will have less expensive models that work fine. The type of electrical box outlet? This is where you want to spend a few dollars more and get a good one with a metal cover that allows the cord to come out the bottom with the cover closed. If you don’t like the foam a piece of ...


I believe it is as you surmised an ground wire for the houses (old?) electrical system. My first thought was wire for the exterior wall stucco, but there would have been several levels of wire. This type of ground wire would have been typical for a 1950's residence.

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