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Sure, that's fine. The rubble will act as aggregate, and new concrete will bind the it all together into a monolithic mass. This was standard practice back in the day, in fact. And castle walls were built this way too. You'll be just fine; just try to smash the old steps into smaller rather than larger pieces.


Without seeing a picture it is hard to say. My experience with wooden furniture is that when you put it outdoors bad things happen, especially if screws and nails are used to hold it together. It is pretty rare to see a deck older than 10 years that does not look like a potential termite habitat. In general, putting corner braces under the railing would ...


If the peak is a square joint (90-degrees), then you can get rid of the crossbar and replace it with a heavy duty corner brace. One type looks like this: Bisonbuilt.com charts about $120 for one of these, but if you buy more they are cheaper. You may be able to find something like this for less, but it will probably be at least $50 for a sturdy one. I ...


Probably not. For a definitive answer you can bet your house on (which you will be doing), consult a licensed civil/structural engineer. The "white post" does not fulfill the same function that the "red beam" does (making strong/rigid triangles to resist forces from the roof loads.)

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