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I would definitely assume the wall is supporting that beam. Get a structural engineer's advice to be sure, and to find out what your options might be. Solutions often exist, but may not be DIYable... and this is emphatically not something you want to risk getting wrong. For comparison: My contractor was able to open a 15-foot-wide passageway through a ...


I just finished the project - the grout turned out be a great solution - I intend to do it again for the other side of the house. Precision work in that part of the crawlspace was quite difficult, and simple letting the grout find it's own level made things much, much easier.


I think an easier solution is to not penetrate your current home. You have a system that works, so don't break it. I would: pour slab and use at least 8" posts for all four "corners. have the height of the post go about 2 feet higher than gutter. Run appropriate headers to carry roof load. Guessing these will be a good 9 feet in the air. the roof would ...


It's not clear to me that you have enough height to attach the carport as you propose. Based on the garage door visible (probably 7' high) I think it will be very tight once you take into account the slope of the carport roof (1:6 if using shingles) and the depth of the carport roof rafters. But it may work. Also make sure you plan for the additional snow ...

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