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Not many contractors I know would touch such a small project. I think you're looking for a handyman. E.g., I live in Chicago and there's a business called HandiCo. They'll do anything you want, after you pay them over a hundred dollars to show up, and about half of that per hour, until it's done. You could try handyman.com, a contractor locator service. I ...


The broken part is a thermal fuse. Here is a link to the part You should be able to pull the broken parts out of the end of the wires. They are just simple spade terminals.


It is hard to say, but it looks like it is bolted to the metal frame, so I think it may be the ground for the frame. Okay now that you have more pictures Longneck is correct. It was hard to tell from the first angle.


The stove will have a gas regulator on it, so assuming that it is performing as-expected, you cannot increase the pressure in order to generate more heat. The stove is designed to accept a range of pressures from the supply line to begin with and increasing the pressure beyond what the regulator is designed for would be dangerous. If the flame is mostly ...


This may be a matter that can be adjusted within the stove. Dubious for DIY; get a gas appliance tech in to check both that the feed pressure is within the specs of the stove and that all 4 burners are properly adjusted. On the DIY side of it you should be able to check the burners themselves for any build-up or blockage with crud that might affect their ...

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