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Either the GFCI is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, or thge stove's electronics are malfunctioning and need to be repaired. Without more information we can't tell you which.


Many times the element(s) crack and burn up like what happened to you. There are replacement elements for most stoves you need to match the size. To replace unplug the stove and usually there are screws or slip on spade connectors (these spade connectors are special high temp ones) if one needs replaced don't use normal ones from the big box stores, unless ...


That is probably normal (with a small possibility of being a defect). The hot indicator is precisely that, and is designed to turn off only after all spots have definitely cooled. And it may not know when that is, because it may be a simple timer, rather than a temperature sensor. And it may be designed for worst case, i.e. A pot left on the burner for ...

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