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To quote from Amana documentation: Many smoothtop models have indicator lights that may stay on after the burner has been turned off. The light will go off after the burner surface has cooled to a safe temperature. This is normal operation.


The only risk is the obvious damage to the pan, and the risk of whatever was in the pan catching fire and creating a lot of smoke, or possibly igniting surrounding materials. If they meant you harm, they would have left the burner on without lighting it.


Normally there are two options, though it sounds like you just replaced the range and haven't made any other changes, so you might only have one. If its the plug sticking out that is the issue, then either yourself or an electrician (depending on your skill level) can change out the outlet for a recessed outlet. Whether you can do this will depend on a lot ...


You will need to refer to the documentation that came with your new appliance. Is it rated to be connected with a cord an plug or directly wired? To start with you will need to run a new cable of 10 gauge wire and replace the circuit breaker in your panel. Operating the appliance with 12 gauge wire when it is rated more than 20 amps and requires 10 ...

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