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The air piston on the closer has an adjustment screw on the end of it. If you tighten it (or turn it clockwise) the door closes slower. Loosening the screw causes it to close faster. Also, check to make sure the prop clip on the rod is slid back as far as it will go. Good,luck!


you are going to have to dig it all out, and then rebuild it properly. you could shore it with steel plates, but it will cost you more to have the system built and then installed than it will to just do it over in concrete.


If it was done with the siding, you're in for a fiasco. You might just trim it off to the siding's J-channel. But, it should be nailed-on along both edges. Unless you've got a Sheet Metal Brake or know how to duplicate its clean bends without a Brake, then I'd just leave it & tack it down behind the hinges. It's likely that it's covering rotted wood ...

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