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Consider replacing that door catch with one of this style. It would be a lot less traumatic to the knuckles when you use the regular door knob. Alternatively you could consider a change of the regular door knob to an exterior lever style unit. These have additional benefit in that they can be opened by means other then a free hand which can be useful when ...


Raise the catch and the lock on the door to about 42", about the height of the deadbolt.


A little more info is needed to give any good answer. I can see what would be considered "brick mold" looks like it is extruded aluminum. The frame that you point to looks like it could be painted wood, but the angle at the top tells me it may not be wood at all, or perhaps it is clad in aluminum ?? Typically the storm door jamb screws into the face of the ...


The air piston on the closer has an adjustment screw on the end of it. If you tighten it (or turn it clockwise) the door closes slower. Loosening the screw causes it to close faster. Also, check to make sure the prop clip on the rod is slid back as far as it will go. Good,luck!


If it was done with the siding, you're in for a fiasco. You might just trim it off to the siding's J-channel. But, it should be nailed-on along both edges. Unless you've got a Sheet Metal Brake or know how to duplicate its clean bends without a Brake, then I'd just leave it & tack it down behind the hinges. It's likely that it's covering rotted wood &...


Well, there's rigid plastic, which is much lighter weight than glass for similar strength, but generally more subject to scratches. There are also plastic film products that would be similar to a screen in terms of weight and installation, some of which are very clear. Glass weight is primarily a function of thickness, so thinner glass would be lighter than ...

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