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You have 2x6 joists 16" o.c. and lets assume #2 fir- the MAXIMUM spam (where they are supported underneath - bearing the weight) for a 20 lb dead load is 9'10" and for 10 lb dead load: 13' 2" You show 11' +- in photo but it is unclear if there is support at that point. you can check span table at: http://www.awc.org/Publications/update/WFCM2001FullPage.pdf ...


A photo of the space would help. If it's triangular/trapazoidal, as in the photo you referenced, and you want a cord-operated mechanism, the only solution I can think of would involve drawing the curtains toward the top, since otherwise they run into the floor ... unless you can come up with some really weird mechanism to bundle the curtain as it moves. Of ...

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