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You should have mounting holes in the back of the router. Simply just attach something like a command strip to the wall and hang the router. We use these for the exact purpose in our personal offices at work.


I never use latex paint because it freezes and is no good after that, so I use an oil based paint inside and out. It only takes a few minutes longer to dry when u use a fan.


Since you are thinking of storing energy for heating water, the obvious answer IMHO is to store energy in hot water! You can use the water itself directly if it is the right temp, or if the stored water is much hotter than you need, use a heat exchanger and mix with cold water. Even during times where the water never gets hot enough to use directly, you ...


Remember to figure in the costs of maintaining the storage system. Batteries wear out fairly rapidly, have efficiency limits, and produce a moderately nasty waste stream. There are good reasons that solar took off when it did, and efficiency is only part of the answer; net metering (the "sell it back to the electric company" mechanism) really is one of the ...


We're still living in complicated times when it comes to figuring what's best in terms of energy usage and storage. If the goal is to become purely fiscally self-sufficient, I think ben's answer is really good. Sell your excess for cash. Then use said cash to exchange it for 'cheap' (relatively speaking) storable energy sources like a propane tank + ...


By selling the electricity, it can be stored as money because the fungibility of money allows it to be exchanged for electricity. Furthermore, this is likely to be competitively efficient with various physical storage equipment. In addition money can be converted into reduced demand by allocating it toward more efficient load side equipment. The goal is ...

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