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Look into a product called CHEM-TRETE (and similar) http://www.protectosil.com/product/protectosil/us/products/water-repellents/protectosil-chem-trete-40-voc/pages/default.aspx. I think you have to purchase through a VAR or other licensed service provider, but the stuff penetrates concrete and alters the chemical structure such that it repels water. This ...


I do happen to like the aluminum, but would stained and varnished oak stair nosing be elegant enough?


If the cleats supporting the steps are solid and haven't deteriorated use 3 inch course thread screws to re-secure then to the stair risers (the long outer sections that span from the bottom to the landing. If you are in doubt as to the condition of the cleats replace them. I'd use any 2 x stock cut a bit longer than the width of the step. Install it so the ...

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