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You don't have to finish them. If you like the look of concrete, you can leave it as-is. If you do want to finish, I'd suggest a concrete stain. You can then seal it with a variety of clear coat products. Epoxy based clear coats are more durable, though harder to apply. You can even just apply a wax as a final protective coat if you like.


If you are running a hand truck as part of a specific project, tape rosin paper to the stairs, and be careful when going up and down. You can buy this at a hardware stores. This also works for floors, though masonite boards underneath work well.


I will only add more of the same, there is no way you can put a door in the middle of the stairs, there MUST be a landing or floor on one side or the other. You cannot have it grandfathered in if you have an old building, that only goes for existing conditions, not a new door you wish to add. Just a thought, if the door is to stay closed all the time to ...


In every town that I have done building you would have to provide a landing area to put this door and the landing would need to be at minimum 36". I do not know how that would work on an existing staircase so I would say the answer is simply no for most towns. However your best bet is to call local inspector and ask them if they will allow anything or ...

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