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The "current plan" is probably what I would do. However, you could probably get away with just using one wedge on the top tread and one on the bottom; that will probably provide enough friction to keep the ramp from sliding off. If it doesn't, I'd add one in the middle.


The closest answer was #3. The question had 2 parts: The first part answer is: Yes, we can glue 2 solid oak treads to make one tread of minimum thickness 1½" when stair steps more than 39" width. If the steps are less than 39" wide then we can use 1" thick treads. The second part of the question was HOW WOULD YOU DO IT? The answer is to: Rough ...


why dont you just buy 10/4 rough sawn oak and plane it down to 2"? this is a totally normal day for most staircase guys. i am kind of surprised you are asking this question.


I am a woodworker and I can tell you 2 glued up pieces would be just as strong. I don't know about code though. Keep in mind, surfaced 1X oak is actually 13/16" thick. 2 of them would be 1-5/8" thick. 1x stair treads might be actual 1" thick.


The plough (or plow, so I have been told it is called) under the hand rail makes for a simple, secure way to attach a baluster to the rail. If the cut is a little off, the cut is hidden by the sides and the fillets. For the bottom fit, it only needs to be cut neatly to fit the bottom plate, if that is what you have and secure in place with a few 4D (1 1/2")...

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