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I fought with degradation of stain every year. When I painted the entire board, sealed it, I gained an extra year before the moisture compromised it.


I have had some experience with coatings and solvents over the years, and two weeks ago during a 90F June heat spell I recoated my small redwood entry deck with one coat of "deck finish" from the local hardware store. I had replaced the steps with new redwood and they dried well with the one coat, so I added a second - not heavy, and it dried well, also. The ...


You could also try to darken or lighten the stain slightly. If it has been weathered then the color will have changed. stain a very small patch close to the stain portion of the deck. Darken or lighten the stain to match as close as you can from there. Most of the time you can simply put a little darker stain (i.e. dark walnut.) And to lighten it you can ...


I would stain the rest of the deck, let it dry fully, and stain the entire deck again. The variation should be minimal at that point.

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