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Based on the good information that Chris gave my answer would be give it a good washing with trisodium phosphate (TSP) and a deck scrubbing brush then high pressure wash with clean water.


It's book-matched panels. I can't tell from the photo whether it's veneer, plywood, or hardwood. Looks like kinda like european walnut, not pine/plywood... but without a closer look at the edges, I really couldn't say. As far as affordable options...


Those are match grain veneer panels. They are usually made by attaching selected hardwood veneers to plywood using contact glues. Veneers can be purchased from specialty woodworking dealers. The technique is not hard but requires some care (and practice) to get straight, bubble-free surfaces.


CLR is what you're looking for. I had a similar problem as you (I was cutting metal on my driveway and did not sweep up the fines that night...Rusted the next day!) and it worked like a charm. It comes in a grey bottle with a multicoloured label. Dilute using the measurements on the bottle, and scrub hard with a stiff bristled broom. Rinse well. This ...

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