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If you have a roof on the thing, no paint or stain at all is a perfectly good option. Dredge up a new or old copy of Rex Robert's "Your Engineered House" (the later version is by Charlie Wing, updated from Rex's original) if you'd like to read all about it, or look at @paul's answer, which I upvoted - especially the first sentence. There are barns in the ...


All wood coatings are essentially decorations. The only thing that keeps wood from rotting outside is proper drainage of it and airflow around it. Wood can get wet every time it rains and snows as long as it is permitted to shed water effectively and dry out quickly. When it stays wet even through days of sunshine and wind is when wood will begin to foster ...


I called a popular exterior paint company, and they quoted me about the same price whether the cedar is painted or stained.

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