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Many fence treatments are intended for use on rough sawn wood as they soak in better. Assuming your fence is made of sawn timber, you shouldn't sand it. Also the pressure treatment doesn't soak in all the way (or at least not at full strength) so you wouldn't want to remove much material. A pressure washer or a brush would be a good idea, especially ...


Water will raise the grain of your nice, smooth decking, requiring a re-sand. Also, rain will soak into the wood, requiring a significant dry-time delay before sealing. Yes, you should tarp it.


Althought this probably belongs in another forum (woodworking), I have found that sanding teak is difficult (just to get it right). My problems did not include staining, but I can see how staining teak can be problematic (people online call it waxy; I suppose that's the closest word). The act of sanding and resanding teak is has left me with the opinion that ...


You applied an oil base finish on top of a water base finish. It won't dry. A fix trick is apply another coat of water base finish on top of it.

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