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If you've removed the stained project material, the vapor will clear out as soon as you allow it to through adequate ventilation. Some slight lingering odor may remain, but it shouldn't be enough to cause health concerns.


You can always test it by see if the water beads up or soaks in. I'm in Arkansas. My deck and front porch were built in March. They both get good sun. I'm waiting until August to do mine. Plenty of good hot sun to dry them out. The pine lumber came from Lowe's.


It's not exactly DIY, but I've has some success with Whink Rust Remover.


Pt lumber is pressure treated, meaning the use 400 psi to make sure the chemical stays in the wood, most stains and paint won't stick until the pores of the wood come open which can take years .


I would go and buy the clear wood putty, or colorless and use linseed oil to get the right color. I saw some tutorial with a gentlemen using three colors of oil to help lighten/darken the putty. You just mix it in your hands like playdoh.


You say a dark stain, which is good, but the peanut oil has already filled some of the space where the stain can soak in. That's bad. You don't want visibly lighter handprints on your steps. I'd go with rags liberally moistened with mineral spirits. Let them sit on the spots for half an hour or so, then scrub vigorously. You'll know if you succeeded when the ...


If the wood is dented rather than cut/gouged, you can steam dents out with a clothes iron (preferably a steam iron, but not required if you keep the washcloth damp), a damp washcloth, and some patience. If it's actually cherry, and not just "whatever, with stain, called cherry since we used a reddish brown stain" it is best to remove and not replace the ...

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