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Spray foam is toxic regardless of manufacturer claims. Water-blown does not constitute safe. Read the manufacturer's SDS / Safety Data Sheet and compare them. Some tell the whole story, other's hide the truth behind 'proprietary' disclosure laws. Everything you need to know to protect your family from the hazards associated with this insulating product ...


here is how we do block wall basement finishing - in almost 30 years i have never had a callback or any complaints about leaks after the fact. you do have to make sure the foundation is in good shape with no failed blocks or footings. 1) hire a foundation waterproofing company to come in and shoot urethane foundation sealer (blueseal is what we use. like ...


Unfaced friction-fit fiberglass in R-11 or R-13 will do just fine. If you're concerned about them sagging, staple each batt to the top plate. They won't go anywhere. Depending on your climate, do not apply a vapor retarder over the wall. Let it breathe to avoid mold and mildew.

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