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You can try control noise better at its source. If that defeats the purpose you can try controlling it along its path by directing it better, reflecting it or flanking it and absorbing it. Or at the receiving end of sound you could control it with earplugs.


In order to improve sound proofing, you may go for sound proof wall panels. The panels block the sound and prevent it from transmitting it to the other room.


If you're not renting (ie, you own your room or whoever you're living with doesn't mind if you make modifications to the structure), consider the following: Type X drywall: While mainly designed for fire rating, it's very heavy, very dense, and helps in blocking sound. QuietRock: Designed for soundproofing, but very expensive. Consists of a viscoelastic ...


For what it's worth, I put in three ceiling fans when I moved in (the house already had two), and normally I barely hear motor noise from them -- the whoosh of the blades, and the occasional quiet rattle of something in the air flow, are louder. These are wired directly, using only the three-step speed control built into the fan. So I tend to agree that ...


First find out the areas that are the most noisy, then you can think about investing money on soundproofing. Better solution is, put down area rugs in your highly trafficked surrounding.


Even with an 8' ceiling, you can use a 4" drop down pole for silence. Buy or make a cage. It can be mounted to the ceiling. It can be open on the sides for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This would be only a bottom screen to guard the blades.


Insulation will help you in such a case. You can start by adding green glue to the existing wall surface and after that add extra dry wall over it. You can check with the doors also for soundproofing purpose. After all you will surely enjoy the movie.

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