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Personally, I'd go for a laptop. That has a built-in UPS, and has an easy-to-reach DC input, so you don't need to go DC->120V AC->DC again. (This would lower the complexity of the build, reduce losses from the conversion, and ensure that you don't have to screw around with 120V AC.) The laptop power brick will specify the expected output, so you know exactly ...


I say research your idea and go for it. Some of the best innovations came about from people trying what others claimed to be impossible. Try it, if you have the inclination and resources what's the harm? Keep me posted. The one feasible way that I know of to power a desk top(?) computer with solar energy is an indirect method that you already are aware of. ...


Skip it, seriously. I don't know what your motivation for this is, but you need to learn just a wee tad more before you bite it off. If it's (sounds like not) a remote-off-grid solar powered computer, you start with making it efficient, and then then address the power supply (probably not a wall-plug-in-type), days of running without sun, batteries, charge ...


your solar system needs to provide enough wattage at the proper voltage if you have the correct voltage it is ok to have more wattage avaiable. two much voltage will dammage your system two little it wont turn on.

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