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Have you attempted to use general house cleaning products like Baking Soda? We use this when we are removing odors from homes we are remodeling. It does take a little time but it works pretty good. We typically will put a number of boxes around the home so we get good coverage. This has helped us remove cat urine odors, cigar smoke and other less than ...


Rather than see the grey water as a problem think of it as helping the planet. What your mother-in-law is doing is similar to composting. As long as the water entering the planter is not from the toilet and doesn't contain animal fat there shouldn't be any cause for alarms. The water and vegetable scraps are readily consumed and absorbed by microbes and ...


Thank you for the responses. I've discovered that water from that bin is being drained into the street. There IS a pipe that comes from the backyard to the street so the gray water system is making more sense. I thought she was about to be swallowed up by a sinkhole. Gotta figure out what to do about the smell.


In California where I live, gray water systems are allowed by some localities, but generally only for showers, laundry, and lavatory sinks. Kitchen sinks tend to have grease that is too hard to break down.


If it smells like burning lint, it's probably burning lint. If the seals are worn around the lint trap (as evidenced by the amount collected underneath), the interior of the dryer can accumulate lint really fast. I'd remove the case and vacuum and or blow out the lint that has collected there. This would also be a perfect time to give your dryer vent a ...


There is a burning smell inside my clothes dryer after it runs. Does anyone know what that could be? Yes. Burning smells are a common indicator that something is burning. So something is burning. There is no smoke (thankfully) but it definitely has a mild to medium smell or something burning. I think its a gas powered dryer (its hard to get to the ...

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