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Yes it's relatively normal for some gas to escape before it starts burning. The smell is from an additive called Ethanethiol (ethyl mercaptan) which has a strong odor that humans can detect in very small concentrations. You only smell it from escaped gas and not a byproduct of combustion, hence why you won't smell it relative to the duration of the burn. ...


It took us 4 months to track down our odor. It was ghostly, in that you would only catch a small whiff once in a while while in the house; however, when you came back into the house after being out just a few hours it smelled much worse. It was mostly isolate to the kitchen, but, again, you could smell it at the front door when coming in from outside. To ...


I solved the problem with old school washer and dyer. No smell, no washer cleaning cycle, and no 2hour cylces. I lost a ton of money, ouch. lesson learned.. but my clothes don't stink any more. Old school FTW

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