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Although your question is not detailed or specific enough to provide definitive answers, you should do these things: Check the void space that you mentioned for signs of a sewage leak Have a plumber run a camera down your branch and main sewer lines to check the integrity Check your vent lines to ensure they are not plugged or restricted Check for a drain ...


Since you have isolated it to one particular sill maybe you should simply replace it again. In five months that sill may have gotten wet and activated some fungus that has been latent in the wood. I think replacement is the best piece of mind as well because if you just try to cover up the smell you will always be wary of that fact and be stressed by it.


you more than likely have mold or some sort of fungus growing in the sill wood. outside of the risks from some species of mold (some can be quite deadly), and the potential for structural issues from rotten wood (walls falling down, etc), the first step is to kill the mold. just spray straight bleach over the whole area. wear a respirator rated for VOC's. ...


You're describing the smell of mold or mildew. It's a living fungus that sometimes grows on walls, paint, wood, clothes when conditions are right. You want to kill it and remove it. Mold can grow under wall paper and paint. If it were me I would clean it with some mold killing cleaner according to directions. Remove the wallpaper, bag it and throw it out. ...

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