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If it's a recurrent problem, I'd go with Copper sulfate over bleach. The stuff is used as a herbicide, fungicide and pesticide, and 25 grams or so dissolved should render the tray lifeless. You can get copper sulfate at greenhouse supply stores and some hardware stores. If you can't find CuSO4-6H20, Bordeaux mixture should work as well. Bleach and its ...


It might be your dishwasher, since it is hooked to the waste/garbage disposal line under your sink. If you don't use it enough, the water stays in the bottom and begins to stink like stagnant water. Throw some baking soda in it and turn it on.


Try placing a bowl of white distilled vinegar in a corner of your room and let it sit for 24 hours or fill a cup half way full of baking soda, Then take a dryer sheet and place it over the cup. Secure it with a rubber band. Both of these solutions worked for me.

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