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Capping that third copper line with a soldered copper cap in an unaccessible space should not be a problem at all if you do not need it. But I would not trust a push cap, shark bite type fitting.


If there's a valve, then turn it off and remove the pipe. If you're concerned the valve will leak, then shutoff the water to that line, remove the valve and cap the pipe there (or replace any T's with a straight fitting). Leaving the pipe and capping the thin refrigerator line will be difficult and error prone, and you're still left with a valve and two ...


Assuming the waste line is still at the proper angle (it does need to have slight decline or gravity won't work for you): It sounds to me as if you have an airflow problem in the vent stack. There must have been some reason you changed the connection between the drain and the waste stubout? Was something slow before that? Or was there a leak? It's ...

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