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So are you saying I need to fix the cartridge or the valve and does it need to be replaced or just adjusted? Is this something pretty simple that I can do myself? Appreciate it!


No other fixtures are "dependent" on the shower valve. What may be happening is what is called "crossover", hot water crossing over into the cold water line (or vise-versa) due to a defective single-handle mixing control. It sounds like your plumber may have been right, as this would tend to not have a noticeable effect when the shower is flowing. When the ...


Sprayers don't last forever. You can try replacing the sprayer and hose to see if that solves the problem. There could be some bad washers which are making a poor seal. This could be why you aren't getting a good flow from the sprayer. Since you stated that the current faucet you have is a basic model, you could also invest in a replacement one. These can ...

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