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Regarding 'bioslime' in the bathroom overflow hole, I was grossed out. Tried hot water, vinegar/baking soda combination and then, finding no solution, used a paper towel to draw out as much gunk as I could and poured straight peroxide in and let it foam and work overnight. Clean as a whistle now!


I actually found out that I can actually just use glass shelf brackets.


A cheap plastic Zip-it drain opener works well for me.


The U bend or "P" trap below the sink may be plugged with hair and soap scum causing it to back up. when you flush the toilet the gurgling could be caused from the slight vacuum the water running down the pipe when you flush. The drain stopper in the sink is usually a place hair and soap get stuck also. Place a bucket under the pipe and dissemble the trap. ...


Large diameter, flexible clear tubing that'll fit snugly over your faucet head, and is long enough to reach humidifier reservoir. Measure your faucet outlets diameter, and head to the hardware store. Keep hose under the sink when not in use.


It looks like a standard braided supply line. available at practically any hardware store in various lengths


what might the cause be? The connector isn't tight, so the pivot assembly is loose, so water can work past the seals. It was assembled with dirt in the seals A seal has failed or is damaged Something else. Can water still be reaching the pivot rod itself? Yes. I would disassemble, clean and inspect. replace any worn or damaged parts - ...


The photos posted above were really helpful, since many people may not know what connectors and adapters are available -- as I didn't before replacing two vanities. Therefore, I thought I'd post photos of what I did and the components I used. The first thing to do is come out of the wall with a wall tube (otherwise known as a quarter-bend wall tube). Cut ...

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