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This is one of those places where a little bit of plumber's putty is indicated. The problem is that there is little friction between the base of the faucet head fixture and the sink to resist the torque. Roll yourself a pencil of plumber's putty about 1/4" dia and long enough to form a ring around the hole. Add a couple extensions straight out from the ...


It might be your dishwasher, since it is hooked to the waste/garbage disposal line under your sink. If you don't use it enough, the water stays in the bottom and begins to stink like stagnant water. Throw some baking soda in it and turn it on.


Teflon tape does not seal, it simply reduces the friction of threaded joints to allow them to be tightened to the point that the threads create a seal. You'll have to make a trip back to the store, and pick up some plumbers putty (or borrow some from a neighbor).


In a word, no. The plumber's putty is what forms the gasket between the drain insert and the bottom of the sink, and is likely what failed in the old one. Telfon tape doesn't work very well as a seal unless it is forced into an extremely tight space (i.e. on threads) and is really only made of Teflon to reduce friction enough to allow it to stay in place ...

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