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Building wrap is used as an infiltration barrier. Before materials like Tyvek were widely available, tar paper was used as appears to be the case with your home. Materials like Tyvek superseded tar paper because their lighter weight allows wider rolls and thus more efficient installation. But tar paper is fine. As with building wrap, proper installation is ...


Being that you are on the upper east coast, I would say yes if you do not currently have a house wrap. This will decrease moisture/air issues and is a good bang for your buck. I also agree with Ecnerwal - the siding is its own thing - you really need both. If the siding company tells you that you don't need it then it is possible that they believe you ...


Whether or not you want it has nothing to do with siding. It makes no difference to the siding. The point of housewrap (brand-neutral) is that it is vapor-permeable air-barrier - as such it can reduce drafts and air movement, and thus potentially reduce your heating and/or cooling costs.


Backer rod and sealant is appropriate for joints between dissimilar materials such as that pictured in the question. Preparing the brick surface, correctly sizing the backer rod, and properly installing the sealant may all play a role in long term performance of the system. Select the sealant for your application based on manufacturer's literature. The ...

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