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First I would determine how old the siding is. If made in the last 20 years it's probably covered by manufacturer warranty and replacing it with vinyl would be a step backwards. Also lap siding isn't supposed to seal on the bottom. It's supposed to allow any moisture or condensation that happens to get under the boards to drain downwards. So you should ...


I REALLY don't like doing things twice ... This might indicate it is not a DIY project for you. However, if you are willing to do a few bits and pieces twice, you might be able to master the work well enough for a permanent result. I also hate paying 3-4x more for someone else to do it. This is often the best motivator, and hopefully provides ...


Advice I've generally heard is that to prevent warping, you should treat the back the same way you treat the front (so they absorb and release moisture in the same ways). If you're going to paint the outside, priming the back seems a Good Idea. (Of course cedar doesn't necessarily need to be painted; cedar shakes have often been allowed to weather to a ...


It is definitely better to prime the back of the siding before it is installed. It will keep moisture from being absorbed by the back of the siding, which could lead to warping.

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