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I would say that you'll be okay with a 4" screws and a shims through the top shelf. 3 sets one on each end and a set in the middle should prevent your shelf from falling over. The top is where you'll get the most pulling force so if you screw the shelf up there you'll end up stopping it before it gains any gravitational force as it falls. Lag bolts will ...


I'd go two screws per wall stud thru the top and middle shelf. The weight of the thing is supported by the structure itself so all you need to do is keep it from falling over. Use a 4 1/2 inch timber tech or a 5/16 lag with a washer and you'll have two inches of screw into the stud which is adequate but a minimum. Make sure you install shims or a spacer to ...


One immediate thought I had was if you used metal pipes. What I mean by that is to purchase some flanges and mount those into the studs. Then you can tighten a metal pole into that which then will act as the brace. Then by cutting holes through the 2x4s of the bench you can slide it on. Its the same principle as those cheap floating shelves from Home ...


I'd look at a running some braces from underneath the front of the bench back to the wall at a 45 degree angle or so. That will hold a lot of weight.

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