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Look at French cleats. There are wood and steel options. Make sure you anchor them adequately in the wall as well as in the shelf back.if your shelf is hardwood, you can make the top wedge part of the shelf itself. http://www.newwoodworker.com/frenchcleat.html


In the US and Canada, the standard reference for the industry is Architectural Woodwork Standards produced by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.


There are libraries of reference material out there so I'll just give you three that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. When I say "advanced" I don't mean that you are an advanced woodworker, but that you have a desire to get a little deeper into the theory and underlying concepts than someone that's just trying to bang together some ...


Unscrew the rollers on both sides. Lower the door so it's parallel to the back. Push one end back into the cabinet until the pin is free of the side slot - or start with the door at the back, and pull one end forward until it's free of the side slot (and then keep pulling forward to remove from the case.) Replacement should be the reverse of removal.


Disagree, aquariums do not hold most of their weight under the corners. The weight is almost uniformly distributed on portions that are in contact with the supporting surface. If it is an acrylic tank with no frame, then all that weight is distributed across the whole bottom surface (assuming it is resting on a shelf like you illustrate). If it is a glass ...

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