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The first thing to do is isolate the part of the roof that's ventilated from the interior. There's no point in insulating a space that has huge holes in it which allow exterior air inside. Your plan seems like a good one, especially the part about the radiant barrier facing the airspace. However, you have it in the wrong place: radiant barriers should face ...


Solar load (which heats the building to 95 on a 68 degree day) is a real problem. Insulation will make things better, not worse. The #1 thing you can do is paint the roof white. Yes, I know that's hard and weird, but it really does work. Soffit and roof vents, obviously, make it a lot harder to heat a shed. Maybe the architect was concerned with ...


Insulating it works both ways - it will be cooler than the outside in hot weather, due to less heat gain from the exterior, if you keep the windows closed when it is hotter outside. When it is cooler outside, open the windows. Hopefully you have, or will add, screens in the window openings. It will not be 95 inside when it's 68 outside unless you leave the ...


If the planter is going to be in direct contact with wood, absolutely. Concrete is porous and it will be permanently saturated with water.

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