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The wood framing member looks to be similar to a 2 x 4 (inch) commonly used here in the States as wall studs and such. From what is obvious from the photo that leads me to believe it will support the almost 50 pound fan is the wood top plate is on edge rather than oriented on its' face (flat). The wood plate is much stronger in this direction and can with ...


(1) The fan as shown in the photo is upside down. Mounted in this position, the weight of the fan will pull the plate away from the beam. Turn it over so the weight will push the plate against the beam. (2) The beam will hold the fan but the weight will apply a twisting force to the beam. To overcome this, you should mount a board vertically from the beam ...


Fill up a cup with hot tap water and dunk the lock into it for a few seconds. That's how I've always managed to open it with ease :)

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