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You are correct that floor drains do need to be monitored and occasionally the trap refilled with water. So the first thing to check is that your floor drain actually has a trap. The way to do that is to slowly pour water in to the drain. You should notice the water level rise and stay there. If the water disappears quickly then it's likely you don't have a ...


Our company is located on heavy clay that has great water retention, but very poor drainage. For this type system, you create a sand trap which is a large elevated box filled with several layers of aggregate that serves as the leach field. Needless to say, it is all above grade. The pump has only given out once in the last 20 years, and the sand trap septic ...


My house has a two part septic system. There is a tank by the house with a pump that moves the stuff up to the leach field that is uphill in my backyard. I was worried at first about the setup at first, but we've been here 4 years without any issues. I'm not sure about the distances/elevations involved with your situation, so I would advise bringing in an ...


Forget a septic system and instead get a waste water treatment system. The output is drinkable, clean water. However, most people prefer to just use the water for watering the lawn. This Old House installed one recently. See http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv/house-project/show-descriptions/0,,20587082,00.html


You could just leave it alone... I got fined $1500, and had to dig it up and replace it... for cutting mine down below 42 inches.


To be on the safe side: Contact a local plumber and request that he scope the drains. Plumbers equipped with a snake camera can inspect the drains and tell you if there is any damage or blockage. I would highly recommend you go this route especially if you plan on finishing the basement. Do not put a floor over these holes until you know for sure what ...

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