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Collapses are just one problem with clay sewers. Probably more common are roots clogging the pipe. If they do collapse, it can occur under your foundation slab, or out in your yard. Some 60 year old clay sewers might still be in great condition while others not so great. If you want to know the condition of yours then get a video inspection. Do you have a ...


In our neighborhood of 1950s houses, many of the cast concrete pipe sections are, and have been, collapsing—probably even ours. To shorten the time you pay this extra coverage, wait 4-5 months after coverage begins and when the soil is soft (Spring rain, thaw, or whatever), and then buy a truck load of barkdust, wood chips, sawdust, top soil, coal, or ...


I would fill the wall around the pipe with hydraulic cement to get a water-tight seal. Both the PVC and the rubber boot need UV protection. Those should be buried under at least 6 inches of dirt (that was the recommendation of the inspector when I had to do a similar repair).


You could make someone happy and have it video inspected and/or snaked (where "someone" is the guy who gets paid) but there's plenty of 100 year old waste plumbing still in service, and not being used does not harm the pipe. Dump 5 gallons down there and see if it leaves promptly - if not, then spend extra money on it.

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