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Drilling out the holes is easier than it sounds if you can live with holes on the outside of your furniture. Just dry-fit the pieces together and drill new holes for the screws from the outside. Make sure you move away from the old crumbled holes. Then you can measure and drill for the cam hole, using a fat drill bit instead of a spade bit because the point ...


Toss the cams and use good quality wood glue. Use clamps to hold the pieces together until the glue cures and use screws with an aggressive coarse thread. You will need to drill pilot holes for the screws, and you will never be able to disassemble, but once the particle board is damaged as described it is very difficult to repair.


Dig out the bad/loose stuff. Fill with an epoxy based filler (such as Bondo). Redrill the holes. Reinsert the cam bolts. Product references are for illustration only and not an endorsement

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