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If you had one of those drills with a hammer setting rather than an actual hammer drill then that would explain it. Like this one. You need an SDS hammer drill like this. Before you buy one just for a small project, see if there is a place to rent one near you. In the US, Menard's rents tools for small projects. Most rental places have them. You may have ...


Step 1: have nothing of value in the house worth stealing. This is easier to do than you might think. No reason to keep anything particularly valuable in a house that is being targeted for break-ins. Anything valuable you cannot bear to remove from the house should be hidden in a non-obvious location (think creatively). Now, if someone breaks into your house ...


A very big angry dog will do the trick!


you can just replace your house lock or locks with weiser smartkey units, and then buy a weiser smart keyed padlock. i have six smartkey locks on the doors in my home, and a dozen or so padlocks. all can be operated with a single key. and, as a bonus, you can rekey your locks yourself in about 30 seconds.


A locksmith can order (if necessary) and set up padlocks or locking hasps that respond to your house key, unless the house lock is using a particularly uncommon key blank. They may be a bit larger than the ones designed to be sold in bulk, and they will probably be a bit more expensive, but the price shouldn't be unreasonable.

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