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At the end of the day, motion sensors will be the most effective, Try not to have the sensor point into possible "Billowing" curtains or directly outside, Try not to get sensors to point at each other Consider pet friendly sensors inside the house The number of sensors installed would be a factor of the access possibilities from the three rooms, ...


Alarms like the SimpliSafe support "away" mode and "home" mode. In home mode the motion sensors are inactive. The need for window sensors has a lot to do with how hard it is to reach the window from outside.


You can use a pipe wrench for this. If you use it "downwards" the wrench tightens itself on the screw. It is a little tricky because you have to make sure the wrench stays on the screw of course.


If it's a screw, a couple of ideas: You can use a dremel to cut a slot in the screw head and then use a normal screwdriver on it. Get an old toothbrush. Head up the handle with a lighter or a heat gun. When it gets hot, press it over the screw head. Hold it until it cools. That gives you a custom screwdriver. Press hard when you use it.


Those are external line head screws, and are used as anti-tamper screws in some Japanese electronics. You can probably find a driver for them from a game console hack supplier (they're used on Gamecube, Wii, and some other game consoles). The driver looks like this (sorry for the horrible pic): They also come in 5 and 7 point varieties (hard to tell how ...


It looks like a rivet, in that case you will have to cut it off or try to pry the head off. It also looks like it has 6 tabs, you might be able to get a 6-sided socket on it and break the head.

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