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You are solving the wrong problem. 95% of house breakers go for unsecured jewelry and cash in the bedroom and do not do anything that would keep them in the house for longer than 5-10 minutes. The remaining 4.99% of robbers are "movers" that will back up a truck to your house and put everything in the truck that they find, including any safes. The remaining ...


Yes, safes without mechanical key override do exist. Talk to a real safe dealer, not your local big-box store. These will generally also be much stronger against physical attack. They will cost more, and weigh more, than the cheap toys ... and of course if you ever lose the combination you'll need an expert safe man's assistance to recover access to the ...


um, seems pretty obvious to me. Buy the one you like that has an over-ride key and then destroy the key?


Safes need to have a physical, non electronic, way of opening them. That key is used to open the safe when the fingerprint reader dies, or the batteries run out, or the other electronics malfunction. The electronics can only be repaired from the inside of the door. If you really want you could destroy the key, and fill the keyhole with epoxy. Or just ...

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