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find a scissor with not-so-flimsy build, open to the right angle and insert into the two slot. If the screw is not too tight, this could work


Answer is no...I have the same setup as you. I tried adding 9th camera (wireless) It recognizes it but i can only add it if i remove one of the existing cameras so it looks like they put a limit on how many streams it can take and it could be because hardware limitation.


You should check the hinges, and make sure the screws are tight and that the hinges are not worn out. Evidence of a worn out hinge will be that the door hangs at an angle, which is likely to be visible along the top of the shut door. If the door appears to be crooked, or if it wobbles when you lift it, then you should replace the hinges before moving making ...


First look at your key, then your windows and finally your door frame. If your windows are made of glass or door frame of wood, then don't bother with extravagant locks. As a locksmith, I do appreciate selling high priced locks, but always inform my customers that forced entry is primary means of entry. (A chain is as strong as it's weakest link.) Most ...

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