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If you're regrouting I highly recommend epoxy grout. It's impermeable and doesn't have to be sealed. I'm never using regular grout again. I've done some myself, and have also asked pro tile setters to use it even if they haven't before, and haven't had problems with that. Here's the post that turned me on to it for more info on market options


Pressure wash (use bleach/Jomax -- read the directions first) and rinse. Allow to dry for one week. Don't add moisture the day before! Sweep off any debris and stain. (Usually wait 24-48 hrs after staining before light traffic). SIDENOTES: Wear vinyl/latex gloves that can be discarded. Wear old clothes. Work in shade or cooler times of day when ...


Yes you absolutely need to treat spruce and pine with something or they will weather and splinter ferociously. You've got two basic options 1: a protective finish such as a varnish or polyurethane or 2: a penetrative sealer like linsead oil, water sealer, etc. Both have merits and weaknesses but either properly applied will get the job done. More important ...

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