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I did mine with clear silicone. Everything must be bone dry before application. Just push the escutcheon flush to the wall and apply silicone around the outside where it meets the wall. The key to a good job with silicon is to make sure you don't over apply. Nothing is worse than having silicone spread out an inch past where it's supposed to be, especially ...


I used Lift Off caulk remover to get the bulk of it off. It worked great but getting the residue off was a bear until I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad, which took it right off!


"kitchen and bath" (or "tub & tile") (mildew-resistant) caulk (with a gap at 6 o'clock) is the stock approach. Some folks also use a thick ring of plumbers putty (inside the caulk at the edge), but that is contra-indicated with natural stone; unless, perhaps you use a putty that purports to be suitable. Oatey (a brand) says, apprarently referring only ...


We use it on actual tow behind trailer decks, it needs done once a year but prolongs the life of the treated wood that's on there.

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