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You could drill a small hole straight into the screw from above and use a screw extractor (or "ez-out"), it can be a difficult operation with varying degrees of success depending on experience and skill. Or you could break off the handle, you could then get a grip on the protruding screw with pliers to remove it. The problem is you may or may not be able ...


You cannot screw into a sheet metal very effectively. It would be far better to use a small bolt with a nut on the back. Alternatively a rivet could be used. Tape or adhesive is normally how placards are attached to filing cabinets. A simple approach is to use rubber cement. Rubber cement will securely attach the plastic and comes off easily if you need to ...


The best situation here would be to make the plywood plate large enough so that it spans across at least two studs. This will determine the horizontal span of the plywood. The vertical span should be not less than about 0.75 times the horizontal span. The plywood material needs to be hefty enough to be able to take the fasteners needed for the arm assembly. ...


That screw seems to have found the magic spot and I think it's unlikely to happen again, however you might want to somehow strap a protection plate around the Tee; I wouldn't worry about the rest of the pipe.

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