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The picture may say it all, I think you will be hard pressed to find a replacement fan. There is not a whole lot to do with these type of fans.


Use a flat screwdriver if the screw has 'flats' on it. You can get more torque and it will cam out less. (don't stab yourself) Pushing hard enough, so that whatever screwdriver you use doesn't cam out, is half the battle.


The head shape of the screw rarely has any impact on the type of driver needed. You probably want a standard #2 Phillips. Very few screws are #1 outside of very small electronics applications. Even tiny screws are often #2. Always try the larger size first. If I had a nickel for every #2 screw I've seen mangled by a #1 driver.... Most reversible (hardware ...


I always drill. Works like a charm, rivet's metal is quite soft. On the third picture, rivet et gone already, you should be able to push it out.


Those are rivets (specifically pop-rivets), they are a permanent fastener not intended to be easily or routinely disassembled and reassembled. There are many ways to remove them Drill You can drill them out with a HSS drill bit of appropriate diameter for the stem of the rivet. Once you have drilled out the centre, the heads will fall out. Punch You ...


Cut a square of drywall or wood roughly the size of the original hole. Place it over the original area and trace with a pencil. Then cut out the traced area and glue it in the hole. Then use the fiberglass patch. You need something to hold the screw and the plaster alone will not do.


I've just bought the same unit and done exactly that.. I've been scratching my head on this for a number of hours then I came across this and I tried it with the back of a metal keyring (credit card size) to apply pressure and both screws have come out ok and have been screwed in now as per instructions.. I'm glad I came across this now and it does work

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