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Always buy the best tools if you can afford them BUT remember that Harbor Freight has a no questions asked return policy. Just keep the receipt. An old boss of mine returned an $14 angle grinder 7 times in 2 months because we abused the hell out of it.


I purchased one of these dual blade circular saws and to be honest they are no better than the persons talents using any power tools. Save your cash to buy the best quality saw that will give you the ability to do anything you want. My best investment to date in circular saws was my worm drive. It is heavier than others and needs more room but it doesn't ...


Just get a nice, cheap cordless Li Ion Circular Saw and be satisfied. 5 1/2" blade will do.


I own a Bosch JS470E and love it. I've owned many over my 20+ years in construction. It has a setting that will direct air from the motor to the area you're cutting and keeps saw dust clear from the line you're following. "Will the jigsaw do the job"? Yes, with a good blade and little force but the job will go slow and the cut won't be as clean as a ...

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