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The Square Buff Floor Sander is a big version of a palm sander. In other words, you attach a piece of sanding paper and the machine shakes it in some pattern. The Floor Sander is a big version of a belt sander. Unlike a belt sander (where the sand paper comes as strips with the ends glued) the large version just takes an ordinary rectangular sheet of ...


A good way to deal with this is to push a plastic trash bag down into the vent pipe. Use one the smaller type meant to be a trash can liner. Then use duct or gorilla tape to adhere the open end of the bag around the inside top edge of the vent just below the floor level. It will take just a little bit of finesse to fold the excess circumference of the bag ...


I cut a piece of cardboard press it in the hole and seal with duct tape approximately 1" down. When done I vacuum the dust and wipe with a wet rag. My customers like the few minutes I take to keep the dust out of their vents.

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