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Old decks get slippery when from organic material and worse with wax based sealers. Then there is the cosmetic blemish of aging with black stains from slow drying areas. Stain looks great but slows down the drying out process which aggravates spots where water collects whereas as unfinished dries the quickest but turns grey from UV. Appearance will vary ...


I wouldn't recommend that no. As mentioned in the other post, the layer that gives the doors their wood grain appearance is likely very thin (unless they are solid wood doors, which I doubt). So the main drawbacks of this method are: The disc sander will leave a spiral pattern in whatever you sand with it. I would never recommend this for wood (metal ...


Prep is always the most important step. Make sure the wood is dry. It shouldn't make too much of a difference that it rained after you sanded it down as long as it still has pores to absorb the stain. I always recommend placing a large tarp over the area so that if it does rain, you don't have to worry too much about your work.


There is something...in those pieces of wood. (Detailed enough for you?) Ok, so I would have initially said temperature until you mentioned it was only specific pieces, which leads me to think moisture, but even that would cross pieces... My best suggestion is sand those spots down, clean them with a solvent dampened rag, lacquer thinner maybe (don't ...

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