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When we moved into this house, the sliding door from our bedroom to the deck-over-flat-roof-with-no-railing was fastened shut with a single very long (4" maybe?) screw. The house inspector said that was so that it was our responsibility if we unscrewed it and started using the door. If you're not worried about legal liability, just want to stop people using ...


A quick and easy way to disable a door is to remove the door handle. Most doors have at least a handle operated latch that requires the handle to be turned before the door can be opened. If necessary you can make a blanking plate to cover the place where the handle fitted. This could be a piece of wood (or metal or plastic) cut to the right shape, with ...


A common way to handle this, is to build a railing in front of the door. You'll see houses built where a deck was optional, that have a railing built in front of the sliding door. Something like this... The best way to find out what is acceptable, is to contact the people who will be determining if your solution is acceptable.

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