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Instead of using a rope to wrap the pipe I would use a piece of heavy chain. The technique is to wrap the chain around the pipe several times and then connect the ends up short together leaving enough of a loop to poke a timber such as a 4x4 through the loop. Use a 4x4 about 8 to 10 feet long and use it as a lever over the top of a short fulcrum post. If the ...


It's an enamel coated steel (verify with a strong magnet). There are DIY repair kits, but your rust looks pretty serious. You'd need to start by taking the sink out, using a grinding wheel to get down to bare steel, then building up epoxy/enamel repair. Yours may be a builder special of low quality: and the rust looks pretty bad. I'd recommend a new sink. ...


Bondo is good for filling dents or depressions, and will probably do fine for completely filling small holes of this size. Epoxy putty is also a choice, often found in the US with either plumbing or car repair supplies. JB Weld is one common brand name; it has metal powder mixed in it so it dries very hard and durable.


While the rust was not helping, it shouldn't offer enough resistance to break a new screw. More likely the box threads either did not match the screw or the threads were damaged. I doubt you can get a screw extractor that small, so you'll need to drill out the broken screw. The proper drill size is ideally just a bit smaller than the root diameter (measured ...


I presume the sink is faux marble. Try Lime Away. Or C.L.R. - they should remove it without hurting the surface. Comet bathroom cleaner (The squirt kind) works good on light rust spots, but would take a while on really severe spots.

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