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The IRC covers roof assemblies briefly in Section R903 but it's not very specific. It does say (and this is a common theme throughout the IRC and virtually all building codes): Roof assemblies shall be designed and installed in accordance with this code and the approved manufacturer’s installation instructions such that the roof assembly shall serve to ...


I'm guessing that the root of the issue isn't so much the joint as the drainage profile being wrong. It looks like the greenhouse was a later addition on what used to be an open deck (that would have been sealed and drained either with a floor drain or scuppers. The cement capping on the top of the wall is crowned, but the greenhouse walls are attached ...


First you will need to clean both areas; I would want to use a Latex compound so it will last longer. If you fill the low area and seal the crack above the blue box it should start dripping on the edge. Next to the brick I would a triangle shaped fill with the edge being 2-3” to the window at least an inch or 2" tall, 2” would be better. This would let the ...


I believe this article should give you some answers: In short, it all depends on how the trusses look after the time. The article says that they may be left out for a week max and then should be covered, but any time after that just comes down to what the current weather conditions have done to them.

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