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I would say no - do not install the shingles in the rain. I say that in particular because I highly discourage you from piling new shingles on top of old ones. And removing the old roofing is not something you want to be doing in the rain. Any short cut that you get out of such an installation with new shingles on top of old ones is highly leveraged into a ...


The problem with roofing in the rain especially this time of year is the temperature. The backings on the shingles stick better when it is hot. Even on a reroof the staples are doing some of the bonding but it is really the "glue" on the shingles that hold them flat. Not saying it won't stick but this is why it is best to roof in the summer. If it sticks ...


It is quite possible to slide off a wet roof even if it's not that steep. Shingles over shingles are not remotely close to vapor-tight, so they will dry eventually.


Concrete cannot be the top layer of any roof. Most likely you have just a concrete slab and not roof system (with layers of insulation).What you should do is to cover concrete with metal sheet for example. What is extremely important is that this metal sheet isn't horizontal; it must be under slope. Now if you want to get it done properly you should put some ...

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