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Get the curling ones fixed. As you're getting quotes for that, ask for a quote for an entire re-roof and decide for yourself. (If it was me and I had the money, I'd re-roof entirely to save the bother of having segments out-of-sync, but I understand the way new home ownership goes.)


Get a caulking tube of asphalt flashing cement at the hardware store and put a 1/8-3/16 inch bead of it under each tab. Use good judgement, and leave enough space at the shingle edges so that the cement doesn't squeeze out.


That's perfectly normal. I would have preferred to see the vertical joints in the sheathing line up with the rafters, but that's about it. Roofing nails actually should come through about a quarter inch - I'd be more concerned if they didn't.


It depends on where the drip edge is. At the side, or gabels, of a roof, the drip edge goes over the roofing felt. At the bottom of the roof, the drip edge goes under the roofing felt. I have no idea why Ask This Old House did the drip edge the way they did. The main purpose of underlayment is to keep water away from the decking if it gets under the ...

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