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The Tospo is a cheap Chinese ballast. To find ballasts, start with what bulbs will fit in the fixture (all the better if you have a bulb already). Then search for ballasts meant to drive that bulb (which also fit in your fixture). I think I see several on in the $20 range. LED strips really, really do not like to bend on the flat side. ...


The most common transformer-less LED lights are christmas tree (fairy) lights. They aren't designed for high light output, and typically don't have color control meant for room lighting. You could buy separate strings of red, green, and blue Christmas lights, but they wouldn't be easy to control if you're interested in color control. I'd suggest using ...


All you need is shims and Spray Foam. Shim the window on all four sides Square in the opening. The Sims will hold the window tight, let the spray foam dry and take out the shims and fill the holes with spray foam. No use some round backer rod and place that around all four sides on the exterior and then caulk the window to the concrete with backer rod ...


There's no problem whatsoever with angling your framing gun nails slightly to face nail through the studs and into the ends of the blocks. Do this if you prefer the blocking to be on a single line for sheathing seams or whatever. Otherwise, stagger them on a centerline as Ben Welborn suggests and again face nail them with the framing gun.


Use the full size nail gun. Cut the blocks so they fit tight, get them into a spot where they're about 1/4 inch from where you want to be, and toenail through about 1 1/2 inches of the block into the stud. Support the other side of the block with the handle of your hammer if you have problems with them moving too much.


Since you have a palm nailer, use that. However, I think it is worth mentioning that in lieu of a palm nailer, an electric screw driver, (which is more commonly owned by DIY folks than a nail gun), is easier to use in this situation than a regular hammer and nails. Oh, and the way to nail them in is to stagger the blocks. Edit: Please excuse me; for ...

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