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Whomever told you that hurricane windows are "required" wasn't being exactly truthful. The only requirement is that the window opening must be hurricane compliant which can be achieved through a combination of windows and shutters and will eliminate window breakage. The biggest drawback of hurricane impact windows (besides price) is that they will not ...


As a highly-regulated hobby, pretty much everything about DIY remodeling requires a permit. This is generally more true the more structural the project and the bluer the state you live in. However, among DIYers, permit requirements are commonly ignored with no consequences, usually because nobody can see you doing the work. However, common sense dictates ...


At the point where someone wonders, "Is a building permit required?" the answer is usually, Yes. The only definitive answer will come from the local building department.


Location specific advice is generally considered off topic as per the [faq] but, that said... Pretty much anything you do to a building "requires" a permit. Whether or not you actually GET one is a different question, but a blanket "yes, probably" applies here. But that said - a permit only applies to the work being done. If you get a permit for a new ...

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