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If you want the boards to look brand spanking new again, you will want to go with method one. I'd use a heat gun to do it, and not the harsh chemical strippers. Either method takes about as long as the other and the heat gun method is less toxic, and, you either already have a heat gun and don't need to spend money, or you'll buy one and have it for a long ...


I used autobody primer and autobody spray paint for metal rails. Need to allow a few hours after priming. And a good 2 hours between each top coat or you can end up with bubbles and build up. This can be bought at big box or auto parts store (and many more colors if you buy online).


The best answer is to remove the paint. Get the sandstone dry - really dry, camped out in the desert for a day dry. I have found something like this, can convinced a block that gets no sun to dry/tan itself. https://www.flickr.com/photos/some_guy/17000465161/ The stone will need to be at a temperature inside the bounds of the paint label. Paint with ...

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