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Vinyl siding has seams between the pieces. You can push/pull at one of these to make enough room to get a small pen light inside for a peak. You can also inspect around any protrusions like water faucets or vents. Lastly, you can get a special vinyl pulling tool that is a thin blade with a small hook at the end. It's designed to be forced between two pieces ...


I can attest to the other answer(s) here as to the utility of the 20 ton hydraulic bottle jacks for this purpose. I purchased two of them for a very similar project where I was taking out an existing metal support post and sistering an existing beam with three glue lams to gain a clear span support. The bottle jacks worked extremely well.


The hydraulic jack is an excellent way to be sure you have enough leverage, but more importantly, a high degree of control. Jackscrews are not as good at lifting by rotating the leadscrew due to high friction, which is overcome with a cheater bar so there is not as much feel developed. The jackscrew is excellent for holding a load securely, whereas a ...

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