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I don't know that replacing the drywall for that little a space wouldn't be the best route. Seems the cleanest. Removing trim isn't hard. I don't know about the mirrors, though. Renting a drywall jack is cheap and makes it a ton easier to hang. A bit of demo and hanging a new ceiling sounds easier than messing around with something that isn't working ...


An interior wall which is parallel to the floor and ceiling joists is probably originally intended to be loadbearing. An interior wall at right angles to the joists is probably not originally intended to be loadbearing. Probably. Originally. There are exceptions, and load may shift as the house settles. When I had two walls opened up, I paid the ...


Turn the knob all the way and hold it there, insert a small stiff object into the collar hole to depress the knob retention tab while pulling outward on the knob. It will slide off into your hand.


You could try running a putty knife or something behind them, but my actual advice for removing them is to have the spackle or drywall compound and paint handy, as scars are to be expected. Hmm - heat (as from a hair dryer - not so much as to scorch paint) might also help loosen the adhesive a bit. As for the left-behind adhesive the usual suspects - ...


In many jurisdictions, a plumber is allowed to remove a limited amount of asbestos pipe insulation or tape. Or put on a mask, douse the whole thing with water, and cut it off. Not rocket science here.

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