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Take the screw out and chisel off the plastic head. Don't try to pull it out, just push it into the wall cavity, spackle it and paint it. Sorry, I missed where you said you want to reuse these. I've always considered these types of anchor bolts as disposable. One use only. Buy news ones as you don't want your shelves to be compromised using wanky, used wall ...


Use the thinnest putty knife you can obtain to release the double stick tape. To get the remaining adhesive off, I would first use a dry rag and try to rub it off. Always rub in the same direction. If that doesn't do it, I would then use "Goof Off", alcohol or acetone to remove the adhesive left behind - first testing a hidden area with the product to make ...


Heat gun or hair dryer. It'll lift the adhesive. If you do it one corner at a time, slide a piece of wax paper under the ones you've unstuck.


I'd say to use a farm jack. Use a pry-bar or a 2x4 and a block of wood till you can fit a farm jack under it. happy jacking.


remove about 1/8".. should be fine


this works fine you may have to find a supplier of it or something like it near you. it takes a lot of time and patience on brick, and you will have to reapply it many times to get it all off, but if you are patient, it removes all traces of silicones.

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