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If you aren't changing the framing of the former exterior wall at all, you can basically do whatever is most convenient for the "wall" on the addition side. Flat studded walls are not going to be load bearing, so you don't need a header. The 2x4s on that side are basically only there to provide a place for the sheerock to attach. Basically you'll be ...


[I was intrigued by situation and your questions as I will have to help my son restore a 1930s house in Atlanta next summer. I have a bit of experience on home repair. As a teenager, I helped my step father fix parts of our 1940s house. It had plaster walls and crown molding. Earlier I learned about plaster ceilings. At my grandmother's I jumped on the floor ...


I do this all the time for partition walls. Tile the entire area then erect partition walls (usually metal studs) over the tile. Drill and screw at the grout joints for easy repair later. Way easier than cutting in tile and way easier to change later.

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