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All exterior walls of the original building are load bearing. You can, however open up an exterior wall as long as you install a properly sized header to bridge the opening and support the header with jack studs. Depending on which way the floor joists (two story) or ceiling joists (single story) are oriented, you may need to install a temp support beam that ...


If it's an old gable wall it is probably just load bearing like you said in the middle. The old gable roof wall should be removed to reduce weight and a ceiling joist will probably need to be added. BUT.... With that addition anything could be going on.


I see no reason for you to insure yourself during this project. I would advise you to be sure the individual subcontractors you hire carry contractors liability insurance. If for some reason a contractor makes a mistake that causes a major problem, you can litigate against that contractor and their insurance company. Example: carpenter drives a nail through ...


If this is, in fact, a split outlet, you should be fine wire nutting the blacks and a black pigtail, the reds and a red pigtail, and you can connect the whites directly or wirenut them and a pigtail, as you prefer. You will need to break the tab connecting the receptacles on the hot side, at least (my guess is that they broke the hot tab and left the neutral ...

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