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I feel lucky. My mini fridg/freezer 1998 model stopped working this morning, defrosted into the foot tray I bought 5 months earlier since I have hard wood floors. I called my local appliance store, described the initial noise, then nothing... "Most likely compressor... More costly to repair, newer models last 2-3 years". To the curb. Cutting my losses.


I have gone through this too. If it sinking black particles then that is charcoal/carbon. That is from your filter. You can drink/digest it just fine but if that makes you squirmy then take the filter back. Honestly there seems to be something a little off about your filter but at the same time the particles aren't necessarily harmful.


Partial frosting is a common sign of loss of refrigerant pressure, i.e. a leak in your evaporative cooling system. You've already addressed the other likely causes of frosting (great!) but that leaves you with the likelihood that it's a leak (doh!). Refrigerant chemicals are environmentally toxic and potentially hazardous, so at this point you should either ...


You need an adapter that will transition from your tap's thread to a compression thread. Most (U.S.) refrigerators are equipped with 1/4" O.D. tubing which utilize 1/4" compression fittings. Your picture seems to show something larger than 1/4" O.D., my first guess would be 3/8" but if you are not in the U.S. I guess it could even be a metric size. As for ...


I've seen that piece called a Water Connector Union Fitting and a Tubing Coupler. Verify the size of the tubing, but if it's the normal 5/16" to 1/4" it should be easy to get a replacement at any larger hardware store, such as this. The ones I've seen (that look just like yours) don't require any tools, other than possibly a blade to cut a bit of the ...


The "compartment heater" is most probably used for defrosting the freezer section. The "compensating thermo" ,I would guess, is an exterior thermostat that will make adjustments to the appliances' interior temperature if the ambient air goes past a pre-determined setting. If you are looking to modify the appliance so that both freezer and lower section ...

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