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The root cause may be the closure flap in the ice hopper delivery chute. There is a spring-loaded flap up there which opens when you actuate the dispensing lever. Make sure it is closing all the way and sealing (there is a foam seal on the "ice" side of the flap, check it for damage) or the ice in the bottom of the hopper can melt and drip down into the ...


Someone I know brought an old, working fridge from an old house to a new flat, where it would frequently trip the circuit breaker. The electrician said that this is fairly common with old fridges and modern (i.e. switched rather than a fuse wire) circuit breakers. There are simpler switched circuit breakers (e.g. without ground leak detection?) that might ...


If it's an old refrigerator, the sealed unit could be leaking refrigerant. In this case, it's probably time to buy a new refrigerator.

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