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You can use a Dryer Heat Diverter: I've used one for 30 years; in the summer you vent the dryer to the outside, and in the winter you vent it to the space to be heated. For a large garage, the extra humidity in winter won't make a difference. You get about 10k BTUs per run.


Check your local building/fire codes. Here in Ontario, Canada, blocking any possible flow of carbon monoxide from an attached garage to the house proper is a major concern. Taped drywall joints, taping of any electrical boxes, sealing of any penetrations, self-closing passage doors to the house are all mandated. A 3 or 4 inch duct leading directly to the ...


Dryer air is hot, but more importantly, it is very moist. The high humidity might not be a huge issue when it's cold outside, but when it warms up, it could lead to mold or other moisture related issues. Also, even though your dryer does attempt to catch lint on its internal lint screen, some dust is present in the exhaust air which will eventually cause a ...

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