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wrap the bulb in saran wrap or equivalent. It will provide a great grip and reduce risk of flying fragments should the bulb break. Wear a protective glove and glasses too.


Possibly. They do make gadgets designed to control a ceiling fan + light separately, using wiring meant for a light only (which is your case even though it's a fan only). They include a control module which goes behind the fan shroud, and an intelligent light switch. The module doesn't care if the fan and light are separate items. They also make lights ...


My questions are... Is it normal to have one transformer per bulb? Yes, though not always. Track fittings in particular use many bulbs (usually 12V MR16) off a single transformer/driver. My assumption is that the LED bulbs flash because the transformer is not the right one, is this correct and which one should I get? I also assume the other ...

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