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I'm going to string five is using those clips the better way to do in....other then taping and using a screw on connector


That type of bulb just snaps in and out with a little pressure. It probably broke because the UV light had weakened the plastic, or because it force was applied in a sideways direction. To remove it, turn off the light via the switch or circuit breaker. Grab the remaining plastic with a needle-nose plier and pull it straight outward. Do not twist or tilt ...


I have seen this done. There is no special trim. Steps: Install trim Take a utility knife and scribe around the trim exactly. take out enough drywall layer to set trim - some guys just take off the paper mud and sand where needed after reinstalling flush trim Does it look better? Debatable. Is it worth it? Almost in all cases no. Note: My opinion ...


One thing the trim does typically is hide the edge of the drywall which usually, one would not want to look at because it's rough and ugly. It's hard to imagine trim that doesn't extend (at least the thickness of the metal itself) below the surface of the ceiling. If you want a trimless look, what you will probably need to do is apply drywall compound up ...

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