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You can go for LED bulbs which have many benefits. LED lights are the best light sources in terms of durability, energy efficiency and color quality. And they are very compact and low profile so they can fit your situation.


A large cork is my best solution - preferably real cork as it grips better than the composite fake corks.


I've removed dozens of broken light bulbs. I use a partially used bar of soap. cut the bar in half, press the soap against the remains of the bulb, then unscrew it. Toss the whole mess in the garbage. I like Ivory(tm) soap for the tool box, it's cheap and lasts for decades. When you replace the bulb rub a light coat of soap on the threads of the new bulb. ...


With the breaker off I usually just use my Leathermans pliers. I put it inside closed, then open it and screw it out!


I presume you are trying to understand the feasibility of changing the halogens to Leds for energy conservation. The ans is simple yes it does make sense to convert halogens to led. 1) because it last longer, way longer if they are good quality 25000 Hrs + compared to 3000-6000 Hrs for halogens 2) Saves energy and cost payback is usually lesser than two ...


With the breaker off, I use a pair of needle-nose pliers as 'fingers', opening them up inside the base. Keep the pressure on and twist.


Ive had it happen to me many times. My Solution, turn off the power (IMPORTANT) Using an insulated screwdriver with a large flat blade >8mm, stick it into the bulb base and turn anticlockwise. Works every time.


Four words: Use a large carrot.


I have used a tennis ball for this very purpose. Just shove the tennis ball forcefully against the remaining bulb base, and continue pushing inward while turning counter-clockwise.


If only the metal collar remains (no glass), and if the pliers don't quite fit outside the collar, it's still quite easy: Crimp a portion of the metal collar inward with the pliers. Crimp the opposite side of the metal collar inward (opposite meaning 180-degrees away from the first position). Use the crimped portions to grip the metal collar from the ...


Your cheapest option is to purchase MR16 LED bulbs that are available online. The MR16 cans are usually too small for any other type of bulb/retrofit and would require a complete replace to do anything else in them.


I've never been all that comfortable with @Steven's solution, as it's hard to be sure the power to the light is off when the bulb is broken so you can check, unless you shut off the whole house (or the circuits are actually really well labeled.) Pull-chain switched lights and 3-way switched lights are particularly difficult in this regard. So I bought a ...


With the power off at the breaker, and verified with a non-contact tester, I've always just used a pair of needle nose pliers to grip the rim of the bulb base and turn it to remove. If the bulb is really stuck you might try spraying some WD40 around it. A similar alternative, as others have mentioned in the comments, is to expand a pair of pliers inside of ...


In a pinch, if you lack a bulb remover, you can use a potato to remove a broken light bulb. Essentually, you just cut it to a size that'll fit into the socket, but engage with whatever's left of the broken bulb, then twist. This youtube video illustrates the technique.

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