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A flexible bit and guide tool, should make drilling the holes through the joists easy. If you have to get in a real tight spot, a flexible extension might work. Though you might not be able to drill a large enough hole with the extension, and your reach will certainly be limited.


It looks as though you could actually pull this off without drilling/cutting extra holes. Yes you just drill the holes. Keep them up from the bottom, or from the top about 2" so no fasteners from the floor or drywall or plaster is hit. I have used 3/4" bits for easy holes to pull wire through and up to 1 1/2" bits for more difficult fishing, as in threading ...


Really looks like mine. Have someone to hold the metal surrounding in place while you turn the glass dome counter-clock wise for a quarter of a circle. The metal edge is in one piece and screwed to the electrical outlet. I know this post has been online since 2 years, without any answers, although it has 406 views. So I guess 406 persons do have that same ...

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