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full disclosure here. you may be looking at a product that is similar looking but fundamentally different than what i think it is. what you are looking at is a bulkhead light for furniture only. meant to be used inside a cabinet box or some other structure that is classed in the NBC as "furniture". even though many places sell these, you cannot legally ...


From you comment that these are indeed junction boxes in a concrete ceiling, I would answer your question by saying... No, it is not worth it to change them to recessed lighting. There are many very attractive fixtures manufactured to attach to a standard octagon junction box on the ceiling. Some will mount very low profile if you are worried about head ...


The plastic push-in connectors did the trick. I won't say it's super simple to get the box in and out of the pan but it definitely eliminated the issue where the wires were getting jammed against the hole but the clamps.


Your idea of cutting it in half probably would work well. Though I would try completely removing it once the ceiling goes up. You might have to get creative because the new construction accessory adapters are meant to be secured to the rafters. Maybe some double-face tape? You might not even need to use the adapters. Take pictures and have someone hold a ...

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