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code only requires the wiring to be capable of 3VA per square foot in residences Table 220.12. There are very few absolute "where to put & how much light" is required. With LED lighting if you could put 3va/sqft light in you would need a welding helmet it would be so bright. With placement The type of lights also make a difference, examples would be of a ...


What happened is that the white from the top switch is a neutral, while the white from the bottom switch is a traveler. Hence, one of the travelers is connected directly to both the common wire and the light, and the other traveler coming from the second switch is shorted to the neutral -- which explains the weird behavior and tripped breakers. Now that ...


The cans themselves are not wet rated. You should install a fixture that is. Such as a strip light that is sealed and gasketed. Something rated for outdoors. Good luck!


When I opened up the junction box and saw what's inside, the cheap quality and the number of screws they use, plus that it only has a 1 year warranty, I returned them. No confidence whatsoever and because its still so new and I don't trust that electronic stuff they put in to last very long.

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