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From my understanding, then it would be wise to use a 15A breaker on this circuit. I'm assuming this is a dedicated circuit too.


The outlet is not the fuse or the breaker, so as long as everything is rated it'll be fine. Going larger on wiring or outlets is only insurance, it cannot hurt a thing. The breaker or fuse is what is limiting the circuit's capacity as is desired. You would never want the wiring to be the weakest link. It is the same with doing a job to code, code is the ...


I'd agree with Keshlam, ask the local inspector about that specifically. It sounds to me like you don't plan on taking out a permit, which I would probably recommend, it gives you peace of mind knowing the job is done right, it's not very expensive, and you can tell the future homeowner when you sell that it was inspected and done to code. As for circuit ...


If the the AC power wires are connected to the receptacle using poke-in type connections then it is the possible source of your problem. The string of receptacles are wired in a string. The AC feed starts at one end and feeds the first. Then another run of wire daisy chains to the second receptacle. This repeats to the last one in the string. If you are ...


If this is an apartment that you rent your ONLY option is to call the landlord or super and have them get a qualified electrician to assess the problem. This IS NOT a handyman or caretaker problem.


You'll need an electrician to replace/rewire the receptacle that shorted. The short melted a wire and caused an open circuit to the remaining outlets fed from that box. If you are lucky, there is enough wire with unburned insulation in the box to re-wire, otherwise, a new run of wire through the walls may be necessary. Good fuses/breakers should prevent ...

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