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The broken part is a thermal fuse. Here is a link to the part You should be able to pull the broken parts out of the end of the wires. They are just simple spade terminals.


It is hard to say, but it looks like it is bolted to the metal frame, so I think it may be the ground for the frame. Okay now that you have more pictures Longneck is correct. It was hard to tell from the first angle.


In the 2008 version of National Electrical Code, replacements were not required to be TR. However, now receptacles must be replaced with TR receptacles, if TR receptacles are required in that location. As near as I can tell, nearly all dwelling unit receptacles must be TR as of 2014 code. National Electrical Code 2014 Chapter 4 Equipment for ...


I am a real electrician and on most of the older homes a jumper from nutruls went to ground. I been playing out here with you guys. Now i will answer your last question if you run under ground plastic pvc you dont want to use a ground rod. The way your main house panel is you can come back off the subpanel nutrals with a extra wire to all your grounds in ...


You are on the right track. As it comes from the store, the upper and lower sections of standard double outlets are connected by the small tab connecting the brass plates under the screws on either side. To separate those sections so that one half is constantly on and the other half is switched, break the tab on the hot side of the outlet. This is usually ...

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