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For the second question you might apply some septic dye into the old pipes. But often things get into the basement any old way, and then get trapped in the sump pit, rather than entering via the sump pit. If you have a cleanout you can look into, septic dye might also address the assumption that they connect to the sanitary sewer line at all. Perfectly ...


What is going to happen is the wood grain will be "raised". All this means is the fibers that make up that particular section of wood that got wet will swell from re-hydrating. If you happen to be in the sanding stage of your project you will be relieved to know that many woodworkers purposely moisten their unfinished wood. When the wood dries the grain is ...


Unfortunataly there's very little to do but wait and see. Whether it warps or discolors or both will be revealed in the next 2 or three days.


I wonder if you could address the glue used for connecting PVC pipe - whether gray outdoor, or white pipe, or "UV resistant"… specifically when the PVC piping will be used with an ultraviolet generator for pool sanitizing. I just had a big failure of a glued joint in dark gray, schedule 80 PVC pipe, leading into the side of an ultraviolet generator built by ...

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