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What you are looking at is really just the static lift height. The Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is what you need to look at when sizing a pump. For a well pump, to simplify: TDH = Static Lift Head + Pressure Head + Friction Loss So to answer your question: pipe diameter directly affects friction loss, which largely influences TDH. You can get charts that ...


How about a dedicated hose valve were the only way that water would flow is if constant hand pressure is applied? Some kind of bulbous rubber bladder that when pressure was applied an internal gate or washer opened an inlet to allow water flow. Something similar to the 'wieners' you shove into a clogged pipe with the hose attached. Than even if a kid forgets ...


What you are looking for is a remote water level monitoring system. It is all up to cost on how elaborate of a system you want. Here is the google search.

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