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After pulling the motor out (which required draining the spa and disconnecting the PVC connections) and removing the cover, I found another capacitor. Googling the part number indicates that this is a start capacitor. It helps the motor start. The motor also has a capacitor on the outside, and it's the run capacitor. That's the one that was replaced ...


I think the answer comes in one of the three things you've already stated: 1) bad pump motor; 2) capacitor; 3) impeller jammed. In your case I believe the problem is with the motor (as you've probably already figured out). You've already replaced the capacitor. If this were truly the problem, it would have fixed it more than allowing to run for just a ...


does the spin on that impeller (at a high velocity) really create enough momentum to move water up seven or eight stories? It doesn't have to create momentum as it isn't throwing water ballistically. It just has to create a small difference in pressure. Note that you ask about circulating water, not pumping it up into a tank. The pump does not have to ...


The answer to both of your questions is yes. They either use multiple pumps along the way, or they have one (or a couple) large pumps.

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