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Most of the pumps you look up have specifications like this based on elevation. Discharge Flow @ 0 ft. (gallons/hour) 3800 Discharge Flow @ 10 ft. (gallons/hour) 2700 Discharge Flow @ 15 ft. (gallons/hour) 1700 If you have a 50 Gallons Rain barrel it would be empty in minutes. So all you need is a fountain type pump. The submersible type and => 1/6 ...


At 115 feet static and 250 bottom your (sensible) options are submersible, submersible, or submersible. Which is really "new-fangled 2-wire submersible" (my choice, matter of opinion) or "old-fangled 3 wire submersible" (avoid like plague, matter of opinion) or fancy-schmancy constant-pressure inverter-drive submersible (too expensive for me.) Since you ...

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