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The wire on the pump is not rated to be exposed or cord connected. You will need to mount the pump inside an enclosure such as a Hoffman box or equivalent. Then you can terminate a raceway or cable to the enclosure and the wiring will be protected inside. Since RV's are covered by the National Electrical Code, this will satisfy the NEC. Good luck!


It depends on what type of failure are you talking about. The rate at which water flows from a leak, is going to depend on the size of the leak. It could range anywhere from less than 1 ml per day, to the full supply flow rate. If it's a catastrophic failure, you could be talking about the full contents spilling out in a matter of seconds/minutes, followed ...


Although you have a deep well could it be going dry? Is the pressure tank properly charged? Is the pressure switch set high enough. What is the well flow rate? Do you need to add a large cistern. These are all questions I would be looking into. One last one could sediment be stuck in the foot valve so when the pump turns off the water drains back down then ...


Teach your baby daughter to swim as soon as possible - there's plenty of water to fall into that is not in your garden. A pump rated for 0.7m head should be fine with a 0.6m lift. If you cannot find a pump with lower minimum flow (though, to be honest, you may find the "waterfall" aspect of 100 l/hr or 1.6 l/minute a bit more like a dull trickle) you can ...

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