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Buy a captive-air (bladder) pressure tank (accumulator) and be done with it. If you pressurize water with nitrogen without a bag/bladder/diaphragm, you're going to discover that nitrogen does dissolve in water. This is a very evolved technology where you are stunningly unlikely to invent something better than what already exists, and certain to spend more ...


To pressurize water you can simply put a tank on the roof (or build a new water tower) and feed with pumps from storage tanks lower down. This is done in in many high rise buildings in New York were the municipal water pressure is not big enough to reach the higher floors. If the roof is not strong enough to hold a water tank (and you are not allowed to ...


The gas grill lines aren't OK but CSST, which is a flexible line usually painted yellow for interior or black plastic coating for exterior, should be OK. Here is a safety website about CSST http://www.csstsafety.com/


If it's a compression fitting with tapered cone end, nothing should be used. If it's a threaded pipe fitting, either dope or Teflon tape is fine. If you go with tape be sure to use the thicker Teflon tape that is rated for gas, it's yellow not white. Myself I prefer dope. One decent brand is rectoseal. Type 5 doesn't harden, so it can be changed easily.


If you are using the standard propane fittings and adapters, nothing else should be needed. Not tape, dope, paste, nor putty.

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