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When cleaning your airless after running shellac through your pump. Dilute ammonia with equal part water. Rinse through machine and gun well. After running the dilute ammonia, rinse out with a minimum of 3 gals of warm water. Good priming. No tannin with shellac


You can also spot prime with PVA wood glue. Works great and dries quick. However, it will be a smoother finish where the wood glue goes on. That means your topcoat will have shinier spots in it.


I've used BIN primer with great success in the past. The reason the can says to use under a high-hiding paint or to prime the whole surface is so the primer doesn't show through. Say you have some unpainted, knotty wood and you spot prime the knots. When the whole board is painted, the spots where the primer is will be very obvious since they are bright ...

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