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I'd go ahead and paint it as-is, just as I'd paint my living room after a year, or ten, without any special prep. Kitchens with evidence of grease should probably be cleaned locally. I've never had paint fall off yet after dozens of personal and professional projects over several decades. Modern paints are very good.


Clean it well (e.g. with a TSP substitute). Assuming it is still adhering OK to the drywall, there is no reason to sand or prime again.


Yes, you can and should sand latex if you are painting over it. You cannot expect the next coat of paint to grip if it doesn't have a roughed surface to grip to. Painting a glossy or glazed surface is like painting glass - it has no adhesion and will lift right up. Fresh latex is hard to sand because it hasn't cured yet. You have to wait it out. If it ...

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