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we need a spray can of kills for the stain


There are two color-driven reasons to use primer. First is to make the surface consistent, so differences in color don't print through. So black screw-heads and white tape against blue insulating board don't show. Second is to get the substrate closer to the final paint color, so you need fewer coats to actually get the color you were after. I've had ...


I'd consider any color that's darker than the gray primer itself to be better suited to gray primer. It's not just about color hiding, but also edge exposure. If you prime with white and then paint a dark or bold color, it's possible that fringe white will show where you've masked, etc.


I say oil based primer & paint. And the reason is, most of the manufactured doors these days are veneered & not solid. Water based Acrylic primer & paint are okay on a solid wood door , but is is bad for veneered doors. I sell both types of doors. And my customers are all told to use oil based products when finishing their doors. If they don't ...

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