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Use an alkaline cleanser to get the hydrocarbon (oil) stains out. Cleaners and degreasers are available from many sources (use google).


You do not need to prime a previously painted concrete surface. The oil residue will cause adhesion problems with any surface coating, including "problem surface" primers. You need to use a detergent (or TSP) and warm water solution with a scrub brush and wash the oil residue off of the walls, then rinse clean. Then apply a high quality paint with top of the ...


In many cases the most successful and least time-consuming approach is to either remove and replace the drywall (and catch up with any issues exposed when the wall is open) or to lay a fresh layer of drywall on top of the wall that had wallpaper on it. IMHO the skim coat of mud (sand optional) will do the job without any "special sealer" first, but it's a ...

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