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You may not use electro-galvanized bolts for ledger or joist-beam attachments. See IRC 502.2.2.1. Hot dipped or stainless steel only. Electro-plated is also not appropriate for contact with treated lumber. It may be that the bolts you listed are hot-dipped, but usually those magic words are listed, due to the code requirements.


I would recommend the stainless steel bolts. They cost more but are stronger and avoid the rusting and corrosion problems of steel bolts. The thing I like best - the stainless steel lag bolts have sharper well defined threads which cut nicely into a properly pre-drilled pilot hole for a superior holding power. Hot dipped lag bolts tend to mush themselves ...


Fresh Alkaline Copper Quaternary(ACQ) treatment leaves the wood very wet. In a month of dry conditions (in the sun), they will dry out and be much less splotchy. The green will eventually be gone, going to gray in 12-18 months. I know you didn't want to stain, but consider a light 'cedar' tone to even things out, until the green fades. Once dry (3-5 ...

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