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Interior? Exterior? I'll assume exterior, since you're even considering pressure-treated wood. Cedar generally stands up to weathering considerably better than untreated pine does - hence the cedar siding & roofing all across the USA, but treated pine weathers reasonably well, too. It does like to split a little. Either will require careful priming with ...


Pressure treated wood should be dried out before painting. 3 monthes - a year depending on climate. I would go with a good primer first before painting. Use floor paint for floor or just go with a solid stain.


No UC code could mean two things: either it was ripped off on purpose, or by accident, or its UC code is so low it doesn't rate to be classified (garbage). UC codes are "usage categories", running from UC1 (the lowest) to UC5 (the highest). But the UC code is only half of it. A UC code must be matched to the retention rating of the chemical injected into ...

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