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For a professional, a cordless drill is a no-brainer. You're frequently away from a power source, moving around all the time, using it frequently enough that keeping it charged isn't a concern, and using it so hard that it will likely burn out and require replacement before the battery dies and the product line becomes obsolete and they don't sell batteries ...


Go to any site where they are building homes. 80-90%+ of drills there will be cordless. Until the past 5-10 years most consumer cordless drills were almost worthless for heavy duty jobs. But that simply isn't true anymore. The big boxes carry good brands and you can get more than enough power from a $200 cordless drill that comes with two batteries and ...


I purchased a new Black and Decker 7.5 volt drill (my first) and mid way my first project this happened to me. I was pretty upset that I would have to buy a strap wrench, however rummaging through my tool box looking for my slider wrench I came found some heavy duty plastic ties, and it worked. Although the chuck has some scars from the exercise.

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