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An Enermax Pro87+ Gold 500W is a computer power supply. It is designed to run a computer, has an input of 120V or 240V AC, and outputs DC at 12V, 5V, and a few other lower voltages. A typical fridge accepts either 120V or 240V AC. The power supply would not provide a high enough voltage to power the fridge. Attempting to do so would probably damage the ...


I'd suggest simply using a hole saw and a jig saw would be sufficient. The key to using a jig saw for the straight cut is to use a saw guide on the jig saw, or an external guide support to keep the cut straight. You can either use a scrap of plywood clamped to the wood (if the width is sufficient, or make a jig (similar, but smaller, to the one described ...


The most likely solution is to create a template and use a router with a bit that follows the template. The router would also be used for easing over any sharp edges. photo credit, sample image, not a product recommendation


I had this problem after the first serious use of a drill I bought (judging by the resistance, I believe I was drilling into concrete). I tried using the drill in reverse and various other suggestions I saw on the internet but had no luck. What I ended up resorting to was to buy a "Draper 43863 2-Piece Soft-Grip Strap Wrench Set" from Amazon (I think there ...

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