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When I have been in a similar situation (dead roots), this has worked for me: Dig around the root with a shovel to remove the bulk of the dirt in the way. Use a trowel, your hands, something smaller to remove the rest of the dirt near the root. Use a reciprocating saw (aka Sawzall) to cut through the root. This may take some time depending on how green the ...


Use a pickaxe to dig a hole around the tree root, and use an axe or a saw to cut the root. Repeat as necessary. This works reasonably well for one tree, not so well for a forest.


There are several stump removal products; commonly, potassium nitrate (salt peter) works best, but sodium pyrosulfite also works. Drill 5 or 6 holes in the stump and pour in about 1 lb of salt peter (if it's larger maybe you need more). Pour in water, or let it rain in for about a month. This allows the salt peter to be completely absorbed by the stump and ...


As long as you don't splice it, but install it by hooking it up internally consistent with the way the original one was (including noting the conductor type, aluminum vs copper), then you will be fine.


Bench grinder would make quick work of it. get some leather gloves and some goggles to go with it:


State what tools you have access to and it will be easier to give you advice. A bench grinder is probably the best place to start.

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