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I'd use a sharp cold chisel (meant to cut steel) and a hammer. I have in fact used exactly those tools to cut the bottom out of full-sized barrels, and with a touch of practice it's just like using a can opener...


When you don't have a drill around. When you do have a drill around but you have it ocuppied in some thing else. 2a. When the you are using the drill for drilling, you can use the impact driver for driving screws; that way, you don't have to keep switching between drill bit and screw bit on your drill which can be tedious. Don't go crazy as to which one to ...


An angle grinder with a cutoff wheel would probably be your best bet. Sure, it will create a hailstorm of sparks, but it will cut more cleanly than any other type of saw, or even a nibbler. There are various sizes of cutoff wheels available from very tiny like what is used in handheld rotary tools, to massive like the ones used for heavy construction. Find ...


This is a good question for the woodworking site, but I would not oil the guide, the oil will stain the wood. Do use care while using the guide, use sharp drill bits that will not need to be forced to hard to drill. The more force you use the better the chance of angling the bit in the guide, wearing it out prematurely, and making the dowel go in holes that ...


You can buy them from a very popular internet merchant: Stanley Bostich .120 28°


Just keep an eye on the angle and you should be fine. If you're really concerned bring the gun to a store with you and check a strip to see if it looks like it will fit okay. I'm sure you can return the box if there are issues.

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