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I used to pump the water off my cover, at least as much as I could. I would often have to do this a few times a year. Once in late November to get all the water off that collected since closing (and before the winter freeze). Then again right before opening the pool. The water on top was usually pretty dirty, so I didn't want it in my pool. Still these pumps ...


As the previous answer states, you really should just replace the o-ring, unless it is particularly expensive or a challenge to obtain. Assuming this is a case of "hard to find", and not just being cheap, I would suggest a different solution. For example, using plumber's teflon tape to improve the seal at whatever fitting is leaking.


O-Rings are (or should be) cheap - if they are not, try to establish exactly what size they are and shop around; you should be able to find them for a pretty low cost, and replacing them is the right approach, even for "one more year." While you can try to get a little more life out of them by greasing them up with a pretty stiff silicone grease (typically ...


Is the skimmer basket unit working properly so that the pump sucks in water from right at the water surface? If not then repair or replace it with new parts as necessary. Your DE filtration system may have some problems. The internal screens that hold the DE matrix in place may have holes that allow water to go right through the filter without passing ...

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