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Depends on where the natural water table is and how much pressure it can put on the pool (which is a function of the porosity of the earth immediately surrounding the pool). If you know the bottom is above the water table you can leave it empty until the ground freezes. Otherwise you're counting on the water table level and surrounding soil to not exceed ...


"PIG" the line as in the answer to this question How do I remove a wiffle ball from a pool vacuum pipe? Or run a hose from the other end with an expandable bladder. The bladder fills with water and seals such that water only flows one way. Look in the plumbing section.


This is more of a comment but too long... I was a pool boy through college. I have also owned 3 pools. What you are doing has too many variables. You have temperature, environment, chlorine levels, quality of original water, amount of swimmers, pump size, plumbing size, pool depth, almost anything around the pool is a variable. So as a kid I would clean ...


I ended up speaking with a pool leak detection company, and they answered this question for me. Basically, yes you can over tighten the screws, but not if you're careful. Their suggestion was to always hand-tighten the screws until they are "wrist tight" (as noted in the comments above, formal measurements are not available). The screws should be good and ...

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