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To get a perfect finish sand with 120 grit then 180. Apply whatever stain,varnish, you wish leave till properly dry then final sand with Lubrisil 400 grit then smooth with a damp white spirit cloth.( Damp NOT WET) Re apply stain/varnish lubrisil again wipe with spirit cloth and leave to dry finally buff with a soft rag.


I usually stain & poly the pieces, cut to size, stain the exposed end-grain, install, putty, then one more coat of poly. So... Stain -> Poly -> Cut -> Stain -> Install -> Putty -> Poly Staining & poly before you cut makes sense when you're doing alot of trim - you can fit alot more material on your saw horses when its in 10' pieces. But if you're ...


Two part polyurethane is the way to go, Its food safe when hard, and the active hardener makes a really good hard surface. I also like the finish that these products add to the surface, and you typically could add about three layers to make it really bullet-proof. The stuff is a little bit expensive, but well worth the money!.


In my opinion, you have not made a mistake using the water based poly. I am a firm believer in the protective properties that oil based poly has, and have used it everywhere in all my cabinets I have built for my house and the results have been outstanding. That said, what I know of oil based finishes as a rule, including poly, the finish is very brittle ...

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