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I have a dining room table I refinished 8 years ago and put one coat of polyurethane afterward. This table is still just as sticky and tacky as it was a week after it was done. Everything sticks to it always has since the urethane was applied. I will refinished again but no more polyurethane for me.


I don't think you need to strip it completely. It sounds like you didn't get the last coat fully sanded off. How long are you waiting between coats? If you are sanding between coats, you have to wait 24 hours for the previous to fully dry/cure. Personally, I prefer the wipe on poly, which is basically poly that is thinned down by 50% or so. It's much ...


The best answer I can give you without seeing the piece is to slowly start sanding away the finish over the scratch marks until they fade away. Visible scratches are always much deeper than you want them to be, so they're probably going to require removing some material. I'd recommend the sanding block so you remove it in a uniform manner. You don't want it ...

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