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For starters, I am going to guess you used a water based urethane instead of an oil based product? I have never seen a good oil based product react as you described to simple spills. I have seen some damage caused by very hot items being placed on a urethane finish, but normally, liquids will bead up and not penetrate the finish. Even though the water based ...


It sounds like your hair product or scalp oil has reacted with the poly finish. I would take some mineral spirits or paint thinner and try to wipe the area vigorously to remove the softened poly and then lightly sand and recoat. You should probably not rest your head there in the future, or put a pillow between your head and the board.


I agree with the first answer, however, I think you may have used and oil based stain with a water based poly on top. The answer is still the same however....You need to sand it down and use only water based stain with the water based poly or both oil based, however you choose.


Most likely you have spots of contamination such as oil or wax impregnated into the wood. As much as you may not want to hear this, I fear you may need to strip the table top again and sand the surface more completely. When the surface is clean and sanded, you can mist the surface with a little water to see if any areas repel the water. Don't let the water ...


The drying times on the can are usually very optimistic in my experience. They sometimes state the drying conditions the times are intended for, like 78 ºF and <20% humidity. If you are colder and/or more humid you will have to wait longer. Definitely do not sand if the finish is tacky. There's no harm in giving it extra time to dry. At this point I ...

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