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Check out this article: When I first tried to get a glossy finish on a piece of stained wood with Shellac I was getting streaks in my otherwise glossy finish because I had a hard and imperfect sanding block. My solution was to stop sanding at grit 400 or 500 (probably could have stopped at 320) ...


Everything is fine. Don't worry about the small imperfections. Wait for the polyurethane to dry completely and cure as hard as possible. Depending on the level of gloss you want, go to an auto supply store and get a bunch of different grits from 300 and up. Get an assortment pack and stick with 3m. Cheap sanding paper is more expensive, since they don't ...


Well you've been busy! Congrats on refinishing your floors the proper way to be done. ⏰ First, if you truly have the time to wait just another couple days, or even a week as you suggested, then that's your answer. --You've taken the time to do the job right thus far, why endanger your asset at the final stage of completion. Three coats of polyurethane will ...


I actually know the answer to this. We have Bona Traffic on our heart pine floors. They were finished years ago and the blue painters tape lifted the finish. I would not use tape on any flooring unless it was a waxed or oiled finish. Luckily the floor person that put the finish on was able to fix the finish we messed up by pulling up the tape.

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